Galaxy G6G 1:1 Scale Colt 1911 Metal Airsoft Pistol - Gold w Black Handle

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This is a fantastic intermediate level FULL METAL Airsoft pistol that has a high velocity of around 300 FPS. This baby is a 1:1 scale and feels like the real thing. Simply cock and shoot - easy to operate with no batteries or gas. Shoots all size 6mm bb's (standard airsoft ammo).

- Full Metal Construction 1:1 Scale

- High Velocity Performance: 300 FPS

- Easy to Operate Single Cock (smooth mechanism)

- Spring Powered (no gas or batteries required)

- 16 Round Magazine

- Accurate to 100+ Feet

- 8 Inch Length, 1.2 Pound Weight

- Includes sample package of ammo / bbs

Buyers must be 18 years old to purchase this item.

All Airsoft Guns have a permanently attached blaze orange tip according to Federal and/or State Laws. This prevents the Airsoft Gun from being mistaken for a real firearm.

This Airsoft Gun is a TOY and complies with all Federal Laws and Regulations. It is illegal to alter this item in any way. Any alteration (including color) will void the warranty of the item.

This item is restricted from shipping to the State of New York and some other areas (check your State and Local Laws for restrictions).

This is a great replica of a 1911 Two tone finish Gold with black grips and trigger guard. This airsoft shoots 6mm bbs at 280FPS.