Paintball Pods And Accessories

Paintball Pods And Accessories

Paintball pods or paintball tubes are how you carry your extra paint onto the field. Instead of having to load ammunition on a small scale, you can pack paint in bulk. Some can improve your game in terms of equipping you without weighing you down during a session.


Paintball Pod And Accessory Selections

Take a look at our selection of paintball pods and other accessories. We have a wide array of options depending on your shooting preferences. View our choices below.

With the Virtue brand, you can get a good deal on paintball pods. The VIRTUE PF165 comes in a 6-pack, providing you with plenty of ammunition. The reload controls are intuitive so that you can restock with minimal issues. A locking lid minimizes spills.

HK Army is also a brand leader in paintball equipment. We can recommend their products with ease. The HK Army 1000 Round Ball Hauler Paintball Pod Filler comes in many colors, from Red to Smoke. A ball sizer allows you to match paintballs with barrel sizes, to prevent any mixups.

You also need to protect your paintball tank. An air system requires protection from the elements, especially when not in use. A hard case can make a huge difference in lengthening your tank’s shelf life and keep it ready for when you are not playing.

Considering a general option, consider HK Army Exo Tank Case Universal for All Paintball Tanks. The case is designed to handle most air systems so that you receive versatility at a reasonable price. It has heavy-duty zippers, and a carbon-fiber exterior shell meant to protect HPA tanks. The microfiber lining absorbs any excess paint.


Standard-size Paintball Pods

The standard size paintball pod holds 140 paintballs. This capacity fills your paintball loader most of the way without having to wait for your loader to empty to refill. Many have spring-loaded lids for efficiency.

You may get a standard snap lid with a heavy-duty design. These lids are secure but make loading harder as it takes time to open them and fill your paintball gun with ammunition.

With spring-loaded lids, it makes it easy to open with your thumb to reload. Aside from the 140 count paintball tube, sizes vary from 50 rounds to 100 round paintball pods. If you’re a pump paintball player, look into the 10 round paintball tube.

Price will determine the quality of the pods that you purchase. Players consider pods some of the least expensive equipment, but we recommend getting the best possible option for your budget.


Find Your Paintball Pods At TradeMyGun

You can trust TradeMyGun to provide you with the ideal equipment for your next paintball session. We sell new and refurbished gun models that fit your budget and make recommendations based on your shooting style.

To find out more about your options for restocking on paintball pods and other accessories, please reach out to us today. Our representatives will answer all of your questions regarding the proper pods for your shooting experience. Let TradeMyGun lead the way through paintball harnesses, pods, and other accessories.