Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse is one of the top-quality brands for paintball guns and equipment. The brand is an international sensation, with locations in the United Kingdom and the United States, after a humble start in an English town. Then Planet Eclipse came out with the Eblade and the Eclipse Ego.

When browsing the various Planet Eclipse paintballs we have, see which one has a proper grip and shot for you. They aim for reliable performance in each product line and marker.

Options For The Planet Eclipse Paintball Series

Our selections of Eclipse paintball guns and markers include the CS1, the CS1.5, the CS2, the CS2 PRO, and the CS3. The original CS1 can be fitted with CS2 grips, and is a popular model despite being harder to find. They will often range between seven to eight hundred dollars. Some will pay for the various grips and tactile sensation when shooting. A good grip can make all the difference.

The CS1 also has no wires, simplifying the design. It has no AT-pipes and is stretched out compared to its predecessors. There are no bolts, with easy-access and a mechanical trigger. The feedneck and shaft five barrel system support a solid structure.

See if you can obtain a tool-less gun. This allows for easy access to other parts for battery replacement. Microswitches allow for controlled shooting, and each series has a different-styled trigger.

The CS2 is the largest of the series, at 1.90 ounces when prepared for a session. The grip is designed for ergonomics. With the CS2, our experts like the Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 PRO Paintball Marker Gun. It is designed for winning with style, and convenience.

This model’s aluminum tip allows for better balance when shooting. The Geo CS2 is also compatible with e-portals, coming with a Bluetooth and a USB port. Use less energy with the solenoid valve.

The Planet Eclipse CS3 Paintball Gun is an amazing combination of innovation and pure art. The CS3 GEO is the best of the best, period!  Here at Trademygun we've seen many models come and go, we find it difficult to imagine how Eclipse will ever be able to do better than this CS3. The gun comes with the all new PWR S63 Pro 3-piece barrel system which give the CS3 a sleaker profile.  The PE CS3 has more power than the CS2 using the new OP Core drive train, this results in a stellar 20% increase in efficiency.  The Planet Eclipse CS3 Geo maintains the same ergonomics that beginner and pro players have grown to love.  Offered in a variety of colors all can be found at Trademygun. 

HK Army and Planet Eclipse have collaborated to deliver stellar equipment. They created the GTEK series; each marker has a Gamma core, a spool valve, and a pneumatic spool. It allows for complete air control when deploying paintballs, with a hoseless and tool-less design.

We can recommend the HK Army PE GTEK 170R Paintball Marker Gun as one example from the GTEK series. Breach Sensing technology adds to its efficiency. Constant peaked pressure makes this model quiet, and the aim is smooth. This model comes in dust silver. It can handle the most fragile paintballs available. Access batteries easily for a necessary recharge.

If you want a different model that allows for winning streaks, check out the Planet Eclipse GEOIV Paintball Marker GEO4 .68 caliber gun. It has POPS assembly and a reduced grip angle.

Go Beyond The Entry Level Paintball Experience With TradeMyGun

TradeMyGun stocks the top brands for paintball and airsoft equipment. We believe in making sure you have the right tools for having a recreational and fun session. From eclipse markers to proper ammunition, you will always have the resources.

Reach out to us today to find out more about trading in your gun for a new Planet Eclipse model. We can educate you on which series is best for your paintball experience.