Shocker Paintball Guns

Shocker Paintball Guns

Shocker Paintball Guns has earned a reputation for creating some of the most reliable and high-quality intermediate and professional markers. Shocker was responsible for introducing one of the earliest electric markers to the market, setting them apart from their competitors. Their latest addition to their line of markers is the Shocker AMP - a marker that has taken the paintball world by storm.
The Shocker AMP features an entirely revamped bolt system, making it Shocker's most efficient bolt system to date. Furthermore, its frame is lightweight, low profile and remarkably durable. The pneumatic system and electronics have also been updated for improved performance. To top it all off, Shocker understands that different players need different markers according to their game scenarios, so they continue to evolve their markers in terms of both mechanical and electrical aspects.


Shocker Paintball Guns

Smart Parts SFT Shocker Paintball Guns

SFT Shocker Paintball Gun

Smart Parts NXT Shocker Paintball Guns

Shocker NXT Paintball Guns

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Shocker RSX Paintball Guns

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Shocker Amp Paintball Guns

Shocker AMP Paintball Guns