Paintball Tank Accessories

Make sure you have everything you need to maintain, fix or upgrade your paintball air tank with our wide range of paintball air tank accessories.

Paintball Fill Station

If you don't have the option to fill your paintball air tank at your local field, a paintball fill station may be the way to go for you. Whether it be for your CO2 tank or your HPA paintball tank. We carry many options for you to choose from to make sure you have what you need to fill your paintball air tank.

Misc. Paintball Air Tank Accessories

Need to rebuild or fix your paintball air tank? Looking for burst disks, o-rings, or a new paintball air tank gauge? We have everything you need to make sure your paintball air tank is always operating at its best. Whether its a CO2 tank or HPA tank, we have it all!

Paintball Nipple Covers

A paintball air tank nipple cover only applies to compressed air tanks. This cover blocks and protects your fill nipple from debris and unwanted dirt getting into your air tank. Aside from keeping dirt out of your paintball air tank, these nipple covers come in a variety of colors to match your paintball maker or paintball gear.

Paintball Remotes

Paintball air tank remotes are primarily used by scenario paintball players. Attach this remote hose or coil to your paintball marker and your paintball air tank. This allows you to keep your air tank in your paintball vest instead of attached to your paintball gun while you play while still allowing air pressure to your marker. Make your profile smaller while you're on paintball field with a paintball air tank remote line.

Paintball Air Tank Covers

Make sure you don't damage your expensive paintball air tank on the playing field while your diving and sliding around. Keep your paintball air tank safe and from getting scratches with a paintball air tank cover. With many sizes and colors to choose from, we assure that you will find a tank cover that fits your paintball air bottle. Not to mention, a paintball tank covers keeps your tank from slipping around on your shoulder while you shoot.

Paintball Air Tank Regulators

A paintball air tank regulator is how your paintball marker gets a consistent output of air to your paintball gun. Not only does it give you a more consistent shot, but it also allows your air to recharge faster to give make sure your velocity and performance stay the same while your rapidly firing your paintball marker.

Paintball Thread Protectors

Keep your paintball air tank threads safe with a paintball thread protector. Screw this thread protector on to your air tank when your not playing to avoid dents and scratches on your tank that may effect the next time you thread your air tank into your paintball marker.