Paintball Pads

Playing paintball is very physically demanding and can take a toll on your body if you don't have the proper paintball pads. Below, we have listed what paintball pads we recommend and think you should have for your next paintball outing. Browse through our selection of different paintball pads and find the protection that best fits your needs.

Paintball Chest Protector

A paintball chest protector is a great idea for any player, ranging anywhere from $15-$50 depending on the amount of protection and padding. Choose from two different types of paintball chest protectors; a front and back padded chest protector, or a full chest protector shirt.

Paintball Elbow Pads

While a paintball jersey is a good form of paintball protection, it may not completely protect you from the repetitive diving and crawling that you do during a game. Make sure you keep your elbows and forearms well covered with a pair of paintball elbow pads. You will find options that include thumb holes, to keep your elbow pads from sliding up your arm; and velcro straps at the the top of the pad, to avoid the elbow pads from sliding down your arm. With a huge selection of paintball elbow pads to choose from; we are certain you'll find the perfect pair!

Paintball Knee Pads

Just like paintball elbow pads, make sure you invest in a pair of paintball knee pads to save your knees and shins from unwanted cuts and bruises. Your knees take a lot of abuse on the paintball field, from kneeling and sliding around in the grass or dirt. Keep unwanted injuries and pain out of your way with a solid pair of paintball knee pads. You can choose from both paintball knee pads and paintball knee/shin pads depending on style of play and preference.

Paintball Neck Protector

Being shot in the neck with a paintball is one of the worst and most painful spots to be shot. If you're wanting full coverage protection, than make sure you get a paintball neck protector. With a velcro strap that adjusts to your neck, it makes it easy and comfortable to wear one while you're on the paintball field.

Paintball Slide Shorts

While your may not think so, your hips and thighs take quite the beating while you are sliding around on the paintball field. A pair of paintball slide shorts may be a good investment if you're a serious paintball player. These compression padded shorts fit tight to your body, but allow great air flow so you don't over heat or get uncomfortable after wearing them for multiple hours at a time. Be sure to stay protected in all areas of your game and look into paintball slide shorts today.