Paintball Gloves

Paintball Gloves

Your hands are usually the first thing your opponent sees and shoots at sense your hands hold your paintball gun. For woodball or outdoor sessions, you may also need to navigate through hostile wilderness, including plants with thorns, poison oak, and abrasive turf when crawling. This can lead to bruising, skin abrasions, splinters, and even infections in the worst-case scenario.

Cover your hands with a pair of padded paintball gloves to protect you from the elements and being shot in the bare skin. You have the choice of padding, full finger and half finger paintball glove designs to pick from in our store.

All Paintball Gloves

Check out all of the options we have at TradeMyGun and pick a pair of gloves that best suit you! Always consider if you prefer leather or synthetic fabrics. Many companies implement synthetic fibers that last longer. Some gloves have Kevlar or plastic sewing into the back to protect the hands from paintballs, friction from crawling, and other physical impacts. They also improve your grip while shooting.

HK Army is one brand that paintball players like. The brand aims for practical paintball gloves. One good pair is the HK Army Bones Glove for paintball protection. It uses neoprene for hand protection, and a custom-bone silicon grip. The velcro strap allows for adjustment and some of the trigger fingers are fingerless to improve shooting comfort.

Planet Eclipse SNAP Paintball Gloves are another viable option on the field. This is best for when you want skin contact with your paintball marker. Some players prefer the contact for better control over their arm. These fingerless gloves have a slip-on design for efficiency.

Do you prefer full finger gloves? Then take a look at another Planet Eclipse option. The brand can be quite versatile with the Planet Eclipse GEN4 Fantm Shade Full Finger Paintball Gloves. Paintball players love this design due to the protection and support while wearing.

Hazards When Playing Paintball For The Palms And Fingers

You need to protect your hands during a regular session of paintball. For one, serious injuries will impact activities outside of regular recreation, and they can cause immense amounts of pain. They may need treatment. For another, these injuries can affect your aim and accuracy. You would rather not need to sit out on a session.

Rub burns can happen when you are crawling on turf or diving on a speedball field to avoid a shot. These generally aren’t serious, but they can be annoying and hurt a lot.

Different objects can break the skin, causing abrasions. These do include direct paintball hits.

Cover your entire body with either equipment or protective clothing. Long-sleeved shirts are a must. Have first-aid equipment on hand for post-session treatment. Dab any scratches or cuts with antiseptic ointment, and use Band-Aids when necessary.

Protect Your Hands With TradeMyGun Equipment

TradeMyGun believes that playing paintball should be fun, and that participants need the best equipment possible. Budget is one factor, but grip and personal preferences for gun types also should play a part in this. Paintball gloves are no different, and we pair them up with other gear.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the equipment that you have perused, and which options are best for your recreation. With TradeMyGun, you will have access to high-quality paintball gear, designed for any budget.