Spring Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft Spring Pistols

Are you looking for a new airsoft pistol to help you dominate the competition this season? We’ve got you covered with these awesome spring pistols. They’re perfect for beginners and experts alike, and they come in different models to fit your personality.

Spring powered airsoft pistols are airsoft guns that operate on springs, rather than being gas powered with CO2 cartridges. Some spring pistols are electrically powered, but even if they use rechargeable batteries, that’s still more for you to worry about in a game.

Our semi-automatic pistols are powered solely by springs, which means that upkeep is easier and less expensive, and they’re always ready for you to pick up and play. Whether you’re using them for target practice, or you just want something fun to have around for a quick game, we have a wide collection of the best airsoft spring pistols on the market.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

At TradeMyGun, we offer airsoft spring guns individually, in sets, with accessories, and even in bulk. This lot of 10 New Cyma P618 pistols is the perfect option when hosting birthday parties and backyard fun days for the kids. Each kit comes with one silver and one black pistol, so teams are easy to arrange, and nobody can be outgunned.

If you like the option of buying dual gun kits, you can opt for single sets in either black and silver, or black and gold. If your shooters need something to aim at, these zombie hunter packs come with gel zombie targets, so they can feel like heroes in the post apocalypse.

Airsoft Spring Revolvers, SMGs, and Uzis

One advantage to a spring airsoft gun is that it provides a more realistic shooting experience for those who may not want to use real firearms. Our collection includes replicas of various models of real-world weapons, such as this .357 Magnum spring airsoft revolver.

This full-scale airsoft revolver, spring powered, shoots at a velocity of approximately 150 feet per second and can hit targets at a distance of around 50 feet. It even has a realistic revolver cylinder to house the ammunition.

Other realistic replicas in our inventory include this Double Eagle spring airsoft Uzi that can shoot BBs at 230 feet per second. Also available is our Dark Ops Mini SMG Soft Air Gun Pistol, which is distributed exclusively by TradeMyGun.

Metal Airsoft Pistols

If airsoft spring pistols feel “real,” then metal airsoft guns take that realistic feeling to the next level. The guns in our collection have full metal airsoft pistol bodies, so they are as beautiful to look at as they are formidable to wield in a game.

Many of our metal airsoft handguns are replicas of the popular Colt 1911, available in black, gold, silver, and pink. Standing out among the group, the Galaxy C6G is a 1-to-1 scale model of the 1911 and comes in an eye-catching gold finish. It has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, so just pull back the metal slide and you’re ready to go.

Need something smaller? This G1 Heavy Metal handgun from UKARMS is compact, but packs a punch. Measuring at only 5 inches long, this gun shoots 6mm ammo at up to 220 feet per second!

Arming Yourself with the Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

Equipment is everything in an airsoft game. Whether you’re playing President, Fortress, or classic Capture the Flag, you don’t want to get caught in the field with a cheap airsoft pistol. At TradeMyGun, we curate only the best airsoft pistols, spring powered or otherwise, so you never have to worry about your weapon in the heat of the battle.

We know that it can seem daunting to wade through all of the cheap airsoft guns on the market. You deserve a reliable supplier of high quality airsoft weapons, so we would love to help you find what you need. If you contact our team, we’ll make sure you’re OP in your next game.