Zombie Hunter Target Pack with Airsoft Pistol and Accessories, Black and Clear

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Zombie Hunter Target Pack.

Includes one 1911 airsoft pistol, one sticky gel target, and one bottle of 400 count airsoft BBs.

There’s no time like the present to begin training for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but even if you choose to remain blissfully ignorant of our impending doom you can still have fun with the Zombie Hunter Target Pack from Umarex. Each kit contains a single-action spring airsoft 1911 pistol with metal parts, an internal Hop-Up and a drop-out 12-round magazine. The included sticky gel target can be either placed on a flat surface or hung from a wall and features a close-up of undead enemy number one as well as a convenient fold-out tray for easy cleanup after your training session. If the rotting hordes are at your door and you need to get to practicing right away the bonus 400-count bottle of airsoft BBs gets you straight into shooting without the need to brave the shambling crowds outside.

360 fps

Fires 6mm, .12g airsoft BBs

Built-in Hop-Up system

Fixed front and rear sights

Single action

12-round drop-out magazine

Metal parts

Sticky gel target with fold-out tray

One 400-count bottle of .12g Zombie Hunter airsoft BBs

Sticky Gel Target

Versatile sticky gel target can be hung from a wall or placed on a flat surface, and includes a convenient collection tray for BBs.

Spring Powered

The 1911 single-action airsoft pistol only requires you to pull back the slide to cock. No batteries or CO2 capsules to buy or run dry. Simple, dependable power for each shot.

BBs Included

Get right into shooting with the included 400-count bottle of .12g Zombie Hunter BBs.