Paintball Hopper Accessories

Paintball Hopper Parts and Upgrades

Just like paintball gun upgrades, there are paintball loader upgrades as well. Upgrade the hopper shells, your loader speed feed or add your personal player number to your paintball loader with a sticker sheet. Most paintball loader upgrades are brand specific; so make sure you are looking through the correct set of loader upgrades for the paintball hopper you have!

- Here are some of the most popular paintball loader upgrades -

Paintball Ball Hauler

A paintball ball hauler allows you to fill your paintballs into your hopper faster and more efficiently without the mess and hassle of filling from the paintball bags that you purchased. Simply pour two bags of paint into the large mouth on the top of the ball hauler and then fill your paintball pods with the small opening.

Paintball Speed Feed

Are you sick of not being able to refill your paintball hopper during the game fast enough because of your pesky lid? Maybe it's time to look into a paintball loader speed feed. A speed feed allows you to remove the hoper lid and replace it with a "trap door" thats allows you to pour your paintballs through it, but doesn't allow the paintballs to come back out. This is one of the most popular loader upgrades out there. With many options, you can be certain to find a paintball speed feed that fits your loader!

Paintball High Capacity Loader Shells

Are you a back player or a player that just can't find the answer to shooting more paintballs through your loader before you have to refill? A high capacity paintball hopper shell is just what you need. By adding this loader upgrade you can potentially add another 100+ rounds of ammo to your loader. Be sure to research which high cap shells fit your loader, most high cap shells are not a universal fit and are made specifically for a certain paintball loader.