Paintballs are the FUEL for your paintball gun and here at TradeMyGun we carry major brands in a variety of quantities.

The best paintballs made come from Canada and are produced by GI Sportz. They have a state of the art paintball manufacturing facility that is second to none. When selecting a paintball it is important to understand the proper way to select a paintball for your paintball gun. If you have an electronic paintball gun, your marker can shoot hi-end paintballs. Hi-end paintballs are more fragile than cheaper balls which allows the ball to break more easily on it's target. The downside, if you have a cheaper paintball gun the ball may break inside your gun! Paintballs priced $45 and under will be a perfect choice for low end starter markers and a great practice paintball for hi-end markers. Paintballs priced over $45 are great for expensive electronic paintball guns like Planet Eclipse Egos, PE GEOS, Dye DM's, Dye M2's, Proto Reflexes, Empire Axes, Invert Minis, DLX Luxe, SP Shockers and many more. If you are shooting a Tippmann paintball gun or a Kingman spyder you will be best advised to purchase a lower cost paintballs to ensure the ball does not break inside the gun during play.