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Paintball and Paintball Guns have been around since the 70's and was used for several reasons; such as to brand trees or cattle. As the years went on, paintball progressed into a game that we are now familiar with. As the demand for the game grew, so did the Paintball Guns and Equipment. In the USA alone, over 15 million people play paintball a year.

Below you will find a brief description of various paintball guns and markers made by the top manufacturers in the industry. Read through the descriptions to find a paintball gun that best suites you!

LOW priced paintball guns - $249.95 and under
MID priced paintball guns - $249.95 - $599.99
HIGH priced paintball guns - $600 and over

Azodin Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
Azodin paintball guns are great for any beginning to intermediate paintball player.
Azodin offers great performance guns for a reasonable price. The Azodin paintball gun company brings great quality paintball guns to the low and mid range price market. Most companies sacrifice quality when trying to make a paintball gun in the low price market; but not Azodin!

Bob Long Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
Bob Long paintball guns have been around since the early 2000's. Bob Long offers a variety of tournament and scenario paintball guns. With a variety of different models; Bob Long is a great gun for the mid to high price range. If you are a serious player looking to upgrade your game; than you must check out these top of the line guns.

BT Paintball Guns

LOW - MID - HIGH priced paintball markers
BT paintball guns have become a popular scenario name over the years. Are you a serious woodsball or scenario player? BT paintball guns may be just what you're looking for. BT offers a wide selection of guns ranging from basic guns retailing at just under $100 and span up to high end scenario paintball guns; such as the BT Dfender. BT also offers numerous upgrades and parts for your BT paintball gun; such items as Apex Barrels, Electronic frames and mounting accessories.

Dangerous Power Paintball Guns

MID - HIGH priced paintball markers
Dangerous Power
paintball guns have created a reliable and competitive paintball gun for you that won't cost a fortune. Ranging from $100 and up, Dangerous Power builds their guns with the same standards as that of a $1000 paintball gun.

Luxe Paintball Guns

HIGH priced paintball markers
DLX Luxe paintball guns have become one of the top names in tournament paintball since the release of the Luxe in 2008. The craftsmanship and quality of the DLX luxe is in a category of its own. While the DLX Luxe is one of the most expensive guns on the market, its for good reason. The DLX Luxe offers great consistency, a smooth shot, amazing accuracy along with many other high end qualities.

New in 2016 DLX Luxe introduces the DLX LUXE ICE Paintball Gun. This is a long awaited new design that the tournament paintball world is excited to hit the paintball fields in full force. The Luxe Ice has a redesigned bolt system with a 10psi reduction in operating pressure - this will allow for an even smoother shot (hard to believe but it is true). The regulator is redesigned to allow for reduced maintenance and a simple tear down with one allen key. The overall Luxe Ice weight and profile has been reduced, a re-sculpted body and frame brings the DLX ICE into a new era.

The Luxe ICE paintball gun being released in 2016 has driven down the cost of new Luxe OLED paitnball Guns. You can now get a $1,500 Luxe gun for a low price of $1000. This is very typical to see happen in the industry - a new model comes out and everyone scrambles to sell the older model (like Luxe 1, Luxe 2, Luxe 2.5 and Luxe OLED paintball guns). Every time a new paintball gun model is released, shock waves are sent through the older models of that marker. This is great news for the paintball player that is looking to shoot one of the best paintball guns on the planet without breaking your piggy bank.

Dye Matrix Paintball Guns

HIGH priced paintball markres
The Dye Matrix paintball gun has been around for many years. Year after year, Dye Matrix Paintball guns continue
set the bar with new upgrades and innovations making the Dye Matrix lighter, faster and more efficient than the model before. The Dye Matrix is consistently used by the top tournament players and teams; making this gun that much more popular. Along with making tournament paintballs guns; Dye Matrix created the Dye DAM paintball gun. Created with milsim looks for the scenario based player without sacrificing anything that the Dye Matrix offers.

The Dye Paintball Gun Models come out every year and normally can be described as having the DM "number" equal to the year the paintball gun was produced. They include: 2006 DM6 Gun, DM7 Gun, DM8 Gun, DM9 Gun, DM10 Gun, DM11, DM12, DM13, DM14 and 2015 DM15 Paintball guns.

In 2016 Dye Paintball broke this tradition with their new Dye M2 Paintball Gun. The Dye M2 Marker is the most innovative paintball gun produced by Dye since they came out with the DM6 in 2006. The Dye M2 has a large OLED Screen that is in color - the largest and best in the industry. The Dye M2 is completely redesigned but holds true to the quality design and production that has always been around with their Dye paintball guns. Another great feature of the Dye M2 is that you get TWO Dye Ultralite paintball backs and one tip - Stock with the M2 marker.

Empire Paintball Guns

MID - HIGH priced paintball markers
Empire paintball guns are great for any player and any skill level. From the basic Axe to the Axe Pro, the Empire Axe paintball gun is a crowd favorite at its completive price. The Empire Axe Paintball gun gives you the competitive feel of a high end paintball gun without sacrificing performance and reliability.

GI Sportz Paintball Guns

HIGH priced paintball markers
GI Sportz paintball guns are new to the tournament
scene. GI Sportz has teamed up with Bob Long and created the GI Sportz Victus. Much like other Bob Long spool valve guns, the GI Sportz Victus paintball gun offers all of the same great high end qualities. From great efficiency to its light weight feel; the GI Sportz Victus proves to be another high end competitor.

GOG Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
GOG paintball guns are a great gun for the money. If you are looking for a cost effective and competitive paintball gun, check out GOG. Easy maintenance and a smooth shot make this gun great for any player.

Invert Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
Invert paintball guns are one of the lightest guns on the market. The Invert Mini paintball gun is easy to maintain and easy to use. The Invert Mini is also the first gun not to use a macro line, or external hoses. The air flows directly through the gun giving the design of the gun a much cleaner look. At this price point, the Invert Mini paintball gun is great for any player looking to compete on the field.

JT Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
JT paintball guns have been making beginner friendly guns for many years. JT paintball guns are easy to maintain and are available to buy in "ready to play" kits as well as gun only. While JT paintball guns offer entry level guns; they also offer a high end tournament marker, the JT Impulse paintball gun.

MacDev Paintball Guns

MID - HIGH priced paintball markers
Macdev paintball guns are great for any type of player; both tournament and scenario players. Macdev paintball guns are continuing to produce reliable and competitive paintball guns for a variety of players. Macdev has numerous new paintball gun models including the Cyborg 6, Clone 5 and Drone DX.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

MID - HIGH priced paintball markers
Planet Eclipse paintball guns are one of the leading tournament paintball guns on the market today. If you are a serious player, and are looking to upgrade your game drastically, take a look at what Planet Eclipse paintball guns has to offer. From the award winning Ego to the Geo, you can't go wrong. Planet Eclipse paintball guns live up to all of the expectations you have. If you are looking for a Planet Eclipse paintball gun that doesn't cost a lot, make sure you check out the Planet Eclipse Etek paintball gun. You won't lose performance with this economy friendly Planet Eclipse paintball gun model.

2016 Planet Eclipse released the GEO CSR paintball Guns. This is a modified CS1 paintball gun that is smaller and lighter. The CSR paintball gun comes in 5 colors: Red Shadows, Green Shadows, Blue Shadows, Midnight and the Light Trooper. Only 1,000 of these markers were made for the entire world. Just like the 2015 GSL paintball gun, the CSR marker will hold it's value for at least 2 years. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised to see this gun selling for $2,000 by mid 2017 (original retail price of $1,795).

In 2015 Planet Eclipse came out with the all new GEO CS1 Paintball Gun. Truly taking the GEO line to a new playing field. The CS1 paintball gun design finally got rid of the "transfer tube" that was known in the LV1 and GEO 3.1 / 3.5 paintball guns. In addition, the PE CS1 gun now operates on two AA batteries, has a tool less battery compartment, tool less drivetrain / bolt removal, tool-less eye cover and detent removal. The CS1 paintball gun is now virtually "Tool-Less" - except for the grips and frame.

Other PE paintball gun models include: Etha, Etek 1, Etek 2, Etek 3, Etek 4, Etek 5, GEO 1, GEO 2, GEO 2.1, GEO 3, GEO 3.1, GEO 3.5, Ego 6, Ego 7, Ego 8, Ego 9, Ego 10, Ego 11, Ego LV1 and Ego LV1.1 paitnball guns.

Proto Matrix Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
Proto Matrix paintball guns are great if you like the Dye Matrix models but don't have that much to spend. Proto Matrix paintball guns are created with the same quality and craftsmanship as a high end paintball gun, but don't have a high end price tag. The Proto Matrix Relfex paintball gun offers an amazing deal for high end performance. If you are looking for entry level, Proto Matrix paintball guns has you covered; be sure t check out the Proto Matrix Rail paintball gun.

SP (Smart Parts) RSX Shocker Paintball Guns

MID - HIGH priced paintball markers

The SP RSX Shocker Paintball Gun re-defines the quality that paintball players expect from a Mid Price Point Paintball Gun. At $799, you pay a medium price for the high end SP RSX Shocker Paintball Gun. The RSX Shocker paintball gun is taking over at this price point. In fact, because it is such a great value this marker has caused a shake in the used re-sale value of other hi end guns like Dye DM's, Eclipse Ego's and Geo's. The RSX Shocker comes stock with a nice OLED board, a 2 piece barrel, nice case with plenty of extras, and a straight shooting very efficient RSX paintball gun.

Spyder Paintball Guns
LOW priced paintball markers
Spyder paintball guns are a well known product in the paintball industry. Spyder paintball guns are still considered some of the most affordable, durable and reliable paintball guns sold to today. With over 100 different models made since the 90's, the Spyder paintball gun continues to be a favorite entry level paintball gun.


Tiberius Paintball Guns

- LOW - MID - HIGH priced paintball markers
Tiberius paintball guns are some of the most realistic looking scenario paintball guns on the market today. With numerous upgrades and add-ons; you can truly make your Tiberius paintball gun custom.


Tippmann Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
Tippmann paintball guns are some of the most reliable and durable scenario guns on the market today. Tippmann paintball guns are the oldest paintball manufacturer in the industry; so they know how to make quality products and have been doing so for a long time. Tippmann paintball guns offer a wide variety of guns, such as the basic Model 98, A5 and X7 scenario paintball guns. Although Tippmann paintball guns offer many scenario guns and upgrades; they have released a tournament paintball gun, the Tippmann Crossover. The Tippmann Crossover holds the values of all Tippmann paintball guns; reliable, durable and affordable.

Valken Paintball Guns

LOW - MID priced paintball markers
Valken paintball guns are great for entry level players in both scenario and tournament paintball. Valken paintball guns are easy to maintain and to use; making them great for new and experienced players alike.

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