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At TradeMyGun, we've been helping paintballers since 2005 with one simple mission: to be the best customer service team in the industry. We provide dedicated support before, during and after every sale so that our customers are equipped for success on their paintball journey… because it's not if you'll have a problem – but when! Enjoy effortless and economical trading with Trademygun! We are the original paintball company to accept paintball guns and gear on trade. Upgrade your paintball gun hassle-free, without the need to sell it beforehand. Our trade in service offers you an easy solution: calculate the value of your marker on our website - find a new or used paintball gun that you want to trade towards - simply pay the difference between them, and step up to low friction shooting success! Don't trust second-hand paintball guns? We understand. That's why all of our pre-owned markers come with a 30 day warranty and 360 degree video, so you can get EXACTLY what you want without any surprises! Get the unbeatable quality of mechanical or electronic paintball guns - plus peace of mind - only from us. TMG is here to provide personal service and create an unforgettable experience as you trade for your new paintball gun! Our helpful staff awaits, so check out our calculator quote form now and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. is the most experienced paintball business in the United States. We offer a full line of paintball guns, paintball gear and paintball accessories. All our paintball guns and paintball gear can be found online and at our paintball field located in North East Indiana. We carry a full line of paintball products from most paintball manufacturers like Ape Paintball, Azodin Paintball, Bob Long Paintball, BT Paintball, Custom Products, Dangerous Powers Paintball, DLX Luxe Paintball, Draxxus Paintball, Dye Paintball, Empire Paintball, GI Sportz, GOG Paintball, JT Paintball, MacDev Paintball, Planet Eclipse, Proto Matrix, Kingman Spyder, SP RSX Smart Parts, Tiberius Arms Paintball, Tippmann Paintball, TechT Paintball, V-Force Paintball, Valken Paintball, Virtue Paintball and many more.

We offer the best price guaranteed on all Paintball Guns, Paintball Packages, Paintball Bags, Paintball Barrels, Paintball Apparel, Paintball Gun Upgrades, Paintball Loaders / Hoppers, Paintball Masks, Paintball Pads, Paintball Tanks and more.

Here at TradeMyGun we have experienced paintball staff that is standing by willing and able to help you with any Paintball Gun or Paintball Gear question that you may have. Because we have Paintball Guns / Gear and a Paintball Field, we can give you first hand paintball reviews of the paintball equipment being used.

TradeMyGun also sells Used Paintball Guns and paintball gear. We take paintball guns in on trade and give you credit that can be used to purchase other new paintball guns, used paintball guns or new paintball gear. We will meet or beat any paintball gun trade credit price from any established business.

In addition to the best prices and best service on all our paintball guns and paintball gear, you will enjoy our Hassle Free Returns policy. If for any reason you decide you no longer want a new Paintball Gun, Paintball Tank or and other Paintball Item - simply ship your new paintball item (in new unused condition with original tags and packaging) back to us within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund.

TradeMyGun Paintball Gun and Paintball Gear Categories:

Closeout Paintball Gear – Our Closeout Paintball Gear is loaded with great deals on previous year paintball gear and paintball guns. This is a great place to find that paintball sale equipment that you have been searching for. Every year paintball manufacturers design and introduce new paintball guns, paintball tanks and paintball gear. When this happens they will offer a paintball deal on all their old design stock. TradeMyGun is a big buyer of this closeout paintball gear and in turn offers it to you at great prices. If you want a cheap paintball gun or cheap paintball gear you should keep an eye on our products shown in this category.

Paintball Gear Bags and Gun Cases - Eventually, you will need a paintball gear bag to carry your paintball gun and gear to the field. You will also need a way to protect your paintball gun from getting scratched from your other paintball gear. Depending on the amount of gear you have, you will need to pick between a paintball gear bag or a paintball backpack. Paintball gear bags come in a variety of sizes and generally have wheels and a handle that make it easy to transport. Paintball backpacks are smaller than gear bags and are designed to hold your paintball gun, paintball tank and other essential gear. Paintball gun cases are offered by several manufacturers like Planet Eclipse, GI Sportz , Dye Paintball and Bob Long. Gun cases will hold your paintball gun and at least one paintball barrel (sometimes they will hold an entire paintball barrel kit).

GenX Global Paintball Gear Bags – The GenX paintball gear bag is an in-expensive option to get your gear to the field. Genx gear bags come in one small travel bag size that will fit your essential paintball gun and paintball gear.

Dye Paintball Gear Bags – The Dye paintball gear bag comes in four designs and sizes. The Dye Escape paintball backpack is a good size and will carry all your needed paintball gun and gear on your back. The Dye Resister and Dye Explorer paintball gear bags are a great intermediate rolling gear bag size. If you're looking for the biggest gear bag you can get you should check out the Dye Navigator "body bag" paintball gear bag.

Empire Paintball Gear Bags – The Empire paintball gear bag and backpack comes in four models. The hard shell day paintball backpack is perfect for a quick trip to the paintball field with all your necessary paintball equipment. If you need a roller bag you should look into the Empire Transit gear bag and the Empire Grenade paintball gear bag. If you are faced with enough paintball gear for a small army, get yourself into the Empire XLT gear bag (the largest rolling gear bag they make). Brand new in 2016 you will find a new offering from Empire Paintball - The F6 XLR Duffle Bag and F6 XLT Rolling Gear Bag - two great new paintball gear bags for your paintball guns and gear.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Gear Bags – Planet Eclipse makes two styles of paintball gear bags, one style of a paintball gun case / bag and a paintball backpack. The first gear bag is a Classic rolling paintball gear bag that is full size (will work for one or two complete sets of paintball guns and paintball equipment). The second gear bag is called the Compact gear bag and is similar to the Classic bag but is slightly smaller and can be rolled or carried on your back (has backpack straps). The eclipse paintball gun bag / case work's with all tournament level paintball guns and will hold several extra barrels. The Planet Eclipse Gravel backpack is perfect for the paintball player that is looking for a way to pack the basic paintball playing gear for a single day of play. Planet Eclipse Paintball rolled out some new bags in 2016: The GX Holdall Gear Bag, GX full size body Kitbag, and new paintball gun marker soft GX gun case pack. If you're looking for a super cool paintball backpack Planet Eclipse didn't forget you, new in 2016 is the GX Gravel Backpack - in six colors to chose from (Charcoal, Fire, HDE Earth, HDE urban, ICE and Stretch Poison).

HK Army Paintball Gear Bags – HK Army started off selling paintball tshirts and headbands, but now has a complete line of paintball equipment including paintball gear bags. The HK Army Gear Bag is a rolling Hardbody design. This is possibly the largest paintball gear bag in production! If you're looking for a weekend paintball bag you may want to check out their HK Army Gator Skin or Slate Backpack (in Grey and Black color scheme).

GI Sportz Paintball Gear Bags – The GI Sportz paintball gear bags were first introduced in the summer of 2014. They have a Hidr backpack, a 21" Flight Bag, a 28" Roller gear bag and a large 34" Tankr roller paintball gear bag. The Hikr Backpack is a proven favorite of the Pro and Tournament Paintball Players - in two stylish colors: Red/Black and Camo/Red.

TradeMyGun - Trademygun is doing it right with the best paintball gun bag on the market at the very best price! In conjunction with Exalt Paintball, Trademygun rolled out a brand new universal soft gun bag that is perfect for new paintball guns and used paintball guns. The bag is compact yet it will hold most electronic paintball guns being sold with plenty of room for extra paintball barrels, parts and tools.

New Paintball Guns – We have the largest supply of paintball guns online and offline at our paintball field. We carry paintball guns from all the major paintball companies including: Azodin paintball guns, BT paintball guns, Dye paintball guns, Dangerous Powers paintball guns, Invert paintball guns, Eclipse paintball guns, Spyder paintball guns, Kingman paintball guns, Empire paintball guns, Proto paintball guns, Tippmann paintball guns, Bob Long paintball guns, MacDev guns and more. Not only do we carry all these new paintball guns but we also sell used paintball guns from the sale companies. Some of the latest markers are now available on - Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Ego, GTEK Geo, GEO CS1 and LV 1.1. Dye Matrix also put out an amazing new marker called the Dye M2 - this is one of the most advanced markers to ever hit the market and you'll be amazed at the bright OLED board that Dye finally put on their high end paitnball gun.

When picking a paintball gun it is important to first decide if you are looking for a Tactical paintball gun or a Tournament paintball gun. Tactical paintball guns are great for the following styles of paintball game play: woodsball, recball, Scenario play and Big Game paintball play. Tournament paintball guns are generally used for speedball games but can also be used for woodsball and scenario play. Tournament paintball guns are great because they are super quiet and extremely air efficient.

Paintball guns range in price from $50 to $2,000. A Tactical paintball gun will generally cost you between $50 and $250. A Tournament paintball gun will normally cost you between $250 and $1500. In addition to the cost to buy a paintball gun, you also will need to buy a paintball tank and a paintball loader for your paintball marker. Normally a tank and loader will cost under $100 for a Tactical gun and will cost over $100 for a tournament gun.

The most popular Tactical guns are produced by Tippmann paintball. Other great tactical paintball guns are made by: Spyder, BT Paintball and Valken Paintball.

Tournament paintball guns can be split into Beginner paintball guns, Intermediate paintball guns and Advanced paintball guns.

Paintball Gun Hoppers / Loaders: Price Range $73 to $250

There are many options when deciding what type of paintball hopper you will need for your paintball gun. It's important to select a paintball hopper that will not limit the performance of your paintball gun. If your marker used a battery, you need to use a hopper that also uses a battery. There are only a few paintball hopper brands that will work for you.

Empire Brand Paintball Hoppers:

The Invert Halo Too Paintball Hopper - Priced at $73.95. This is the best option if you don't want to spend over $100 on a loader. The hopper takes 4 AA batteries (compared to 3 AA Batteries on higher end paintball hoppers) which makes it a little heavier than other products. The hopper speed is 15+ ball per second which is plenty fast for any paintball gun. You can take this hopper apart for service, repair, cleaning but it requires a screwdriver and at least 30 minutes of your time. For the money, this hopper will perform the needed function but it lacks in features.

The Empire Z2 Prophecy Paintball Hopper - Priced at $159.95. This loader is lighter weight compared to the Halo Too and allows the paintball player the ability to take it apart without using any tools. The Z2 paintball hopper can feed paintballs over 30 balls per second with smooth and consistent operation. The Z2 also has a "anti jam" feature that will allow you to manually free up a ball jam without taking the hopper apart.

Dye Matrix Dye Rotor Paintball Hoppers:

The Original Dye Rotor Paintball Hopper: Priced between $130 - $199.95. This hopper is by far the most popular and most reliable paintball hopper made. It operates on 3 AA batteries and is super lite weight. You can completely disassemble the hopper in 1 minute or less with ZERO tools. The Rotor Paintball Hopper has a built in "anti jam" lever under the hopper that allows for easy un-jamming if (when) needed. The R1 Rotor feeds at an amazing 45+ balls per second. If you need parts, they are readily available on websites like / If you are unsure of which paintball hopper to buy - buy a Dye Rotor and you will be the owner of a great hopper at a reasonable price. Used Dye Rotors sell for around $100 - another great option since they are so reliable and so easy to get replacement parts.

The New Dye R2 Rotor Paintball Hopper: Priced at 214.95. This hopper has all the features of the original dye rotor PLUS a built in adjustable shell. The shells allows the paintball player to change from a 200 ball capacity to a 250 ball capacity without buying extra shells. This is great for the paintball player that plays in multiple positions that may require different needs of paint (Front players want a smaller profile and need less paint that a Back Player that is concerned with holding down lanes by shooting tons of paintballs).

HK Army TFX Paintball Hoppers / Loaders: Priced at $199.95. The HK Army TFX hopper boasts a large 216 paintball capacity with it's standard shell. It operates on 2 AA batteries which makes is super lite weight. The average balls per second is a respectable 22 bps which will work for all brands of paintball guns. HK Army is a group of experienced paintball players and are also business men. This helps in product development to ensure their paintball products are made with the paintball player in mind. If you are looking for something different (compared to the Dye Rotor for example), give this loader a try and you will be happy you did.

Beginner Tournament Paintball Guns: Price Range of up to $450

Invert Mini Paintball Gun: The invert mini paintball gun is made by Empire paintball and has been in production for several years. It is simple to use and has great performance and reliability. A new invert mini marker sold for $325.95. Used invert mini paintball guns sell for $200 to $225. The Invert Mini is our top pick for a beginner Tournament level paintball gun.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun: The Empire Mini GS is a revolutionary paintball marker that combines the classic legacy of its predecessor with modern upgrades and enhancements. Alongside reliable performance, players can now enjoy enhanced comfort thanks to a full wrap-around rubber foregrip designed for both secure grip and protection from external factors. Unheard of in this class: an On/Off ASA ensures smooth removal of your tank without any thread issues or headaches.

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun: The Eclipse Etha paintball gun is made by Planet Eclipse. The Etha marker includes a 2-piece paintball barrel and comes with a nice hard paintball carry case. For $350 you will own a paintball gun from the top paintball company in the United States. The Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun is our 2 nd pick for the beginner speedball player.

Planet Eclipse Etha 3 Paintball Gun: The Planet Eclipse Etha3 Paintball Gun is the perfect choice for players looking to gain an edge in competition. Its sleek ergonomics, quick-release bolt assembly and aluminum low-rise feedneck make up a compact profile that’s guaranteed to give you more control over your game. Plus, its lightweight aluminum blade trigger adds sharpness without breaking the bank - taking performance paintballing into a whole new realm! nd pick for the beginner speedball player.

Proto Rail Paintball Gun: The Proto Matrix Rail (PMR) paintball gun is made by Dye paintball. The PMR paintball marker is a nice gun for a player just getting into paintball tournaments. Priced at only $250 you get a lot of features for your money. The Proto PMR paintball gun is our 3 rd pick in the beginner tournament level category.

Valken Proton Paintball Gun: The Proton Paintball Gun is made by the Valken paintball company. The Proton marker is very light weight and comes in a nice array of colors. This paintball marker competes with the Invert Mini Gun, priced at $325.

Dangerous Powers G5 Paintball Gun: The DP G5 paintball gun is made by Dangerous Powers. This paintball gun also competes with the invert mini marker. The DP G5 marker is great in performance but does not have the reliability that you will get with the invert mini gun.

Intermediate Tournament Paintball Guns: Price Range of $400 to $1000

Empire Axe Paintball Gun - The Empire Axe Paintball Gun is your very best choice if you have less than $1,000 to spend on a paintball gun. The Axe marker is used by beginner and pro paintball players. For $459 you get a high quality, accurate, air efficient and reliable paintball gun. The Empire Axe has a single down fall: The short one piece paintball barrel. The Empire axe uses an autococker thread paintball barrel. The first paintball gun upgrade you will want to make is a better paintball barrel. From years of experience shooting every gun made (new and used), our number one endorsed paintball barrel is the Dye UL barrel (dye ultralite barrel).

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun - The Empire Axe 2.0 paintball gun marker is a high-performance, pressure-controlled marker that is built to last. It features an externally serviceable, break-beam anti-chop laser eyes and a shockwave board with multiple adjustable firing modes. The ASA regulator is relay venting with an on/off lever. The bolt removal system is push button for tool-less engine maintenance. The barrel is lightweight and accurate, and the gun operates at low pressure for gentle paint handling. It is 10% lighter than the previous generation empire axe.

Eclipse Etek 4 Paintball Gun – The Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Paintball Gun comes in two models. The Etek 4AM sells for $699 and features an all metal frame. The Etek 4LT sells for $599 and features a composite frame. Both paintball guns will shoot the same. The Etek 4 paintball marker comes with a nice paintball gun case and features a good quality 2 piece paintball barrel. The Etek marker used poppet technology which give you great air efficiency (you get more shots for a single fill of air in your paintball tank). The downside of a Poppet paintball gun is the high recoil of the shot and the loud noise made from this paintball gun. The Etek 4 is our 2 nd pick for an Intermediate Tournament Level Paintball Gun.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Etek 5 Paintball Gun - The 2015 / 2016 edition of the solid performing EGO paintball gun line. The Etek 5 sells for $549.95 and has a easy OLED board upgrade that can be purchased for an additional $69. This paintball gun is tournament legal and can be found at hundreds of paintball fields across the world. If you're looking for a easy to maintain, accurate, air efficient marker this is the gun for you.

Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Gun - Finally Planet Eclipse released a spool valve marker that sells at the intermediate price point. The GTEK comes in several colors and shoots similar to the ETEK 5 but is much quieter. The new bolt system allows the paintball player to shoot better quality paint without having paintball break in your breach. This gun is a great way to get into the PE GEO line of markers without breaking your piggy bank. Included with the GTEK paintball gun is a nice case, manual, parts kit, lube, tool kit and barrel sock.

Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Gun - The GTEK 160R is a revolutionary upper-mid-range marker that delivers true high-end performance, allowing you to compete at any level--in any format. Crafted with an all metal billet construction and powered by our Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain, it operates at just 135psi while its OLED user interface provides effortless navigation and ease of use when changing modes between Semi Auto & Ramping (Capped/Uncapped). Featuring our tried and tested AT Pipe hoseless air transfer system for maximum accuracy on each shot , theGTek160 R will keep your targets in sight - no matter where you are!

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun - Through extreme climates and terrains, the iconic Gamma Core drivetrain of the first-generation Gtek marker has proven its reliability beyond doubt. In this Second Generation version, it remains a mainstay while other parts of the 170R have been completely revolutionized - delivering unprecedented efficiency, smoothness and quiet performance without compromising on power or strength. Paintballs will never be safer!

Proto Matrix Reflex Rail Paintball Gun – The Proto Reflex Rail Paintball Gun is made by the Dye Matrix paintball company. The Reflex Rail markers uses spool valve technology which requires more maintenance than the Etek 4. However, when properly serviced this paintball marker will be more accurate than the Eclipse Etek. The increased accuracy is achieved by a complex spool valve paintball bolt system. This comes at a cost of getting less air efficiency. The Proto Reflex Paintball Gun is our 3 rd pick for this level gun.

Top of the Line - High End Tournament Paintball Guns: Price Range of $1000 and up

Dye Matrix has been long known for their DM line of paintball guns. These guns are used by series tournament players from beginners to PRO skill level. Their products are produced with superior quality controls and are blessed with having a Paintball Gun Service center that is second to none located in California. In 2008 Dye moved their production from the United States (or Canada) to Taiwan. It took a year or two but today they have one of the best quality and most respected paintball guns in the industry.

2015 Dye Matrix DM15 Paintball Gun - Originally priced at $1399.95 can now be purchased for under $900. The DM15 comes stock with the amazing Billy Wing Bolt Kit that will increase your Air efficiency by at least 2 pods. This marker is the most accurate gun made assuming you provide the gun with the proper maintenance. You get the award winning 2 piece Dye UL barrel that will ensure a straight shooting ball that gets out of your paintball gun and finds it's target with speed and accuracy. Like all DM markers, you get a nice carry case, manual, lube, tool kit and paintball parts kit. The gun comes with a 1 year warranty from the time of purchase serviced by Dye Precision in California.

2016 Dye Matrix M2 Paintball Gun - This is the most amazing release by DYE since the 2006 DM6. The entire paintball gun was redesigned to be a much smaller profile plus you get a bright color OLED screen - the first in Dye's history. The M2 paintball gun comes with 2 DYE UL paintball barrel backs and 1 DYE UL barrel tip. You get a redesigned paintball gun case, manual, parts kit, lube and tool kit to make sure your new marker continues to shoot laser beams for a long time to come. If you've tried the DYE DM paintball guns in the past - you need to get your hands on the M2 Paintball Gun and see what they have been developing. The gun is being used by the most infamous PRO paintball teams in the World - The Ironmen.

Dye M3S Paintball Gun - The Dye M3s is the epitome of high performance and luxury - an elegant machine re-engineered from DYE's legendary DM series platform. Featuring dwell independence, breech pressure insensitivity and ultra-low operating pressure for top air efficiency, shot quality and accuracy across any terrain or environment; no wonder it sets a new benchmark in dependability. And if that wasn't enough to see why this gun stands out amongst its peers consider adding on the Hyper 6s Pro with coil spring improvements providing unparalleled dynamics without ever sacrificing reliability!

Dye M3+ Paintball Gun - DYE's M3+ with its upgraded features offers the ultimate performance combination; trusted platform and state-of-the art technology come together to take your game up a notch. Innovations such as the Slide Lock Airport ASA, FL-21 Bolt System w/ Flex Face Tip, 4th Gen Eye Pipe System plus much more give every user confidence on their most intense battlefield moments. The BWing21 Mag Reach Trigger Blade & UL -S 2Piece Barrel increase accuracy while optimising convenience for an all round winning package! The Dye M3 Plus paintball marker is a choice made by pro players.

Planet Eclipse is dominating the high end Tournament paintball scene with two technologies: The 2016 GEO CS1 (and GEO 1, GEO 2, GEO 2.1, GEO 3, GEO 3.1, GEO 3.5 paintball guns) Spool Valve paintball gun and the 2015 EGO LV1 (and LV1.1, 11 EGO, 10 EGO, 9 EGO, 8 EGO, 7 EGO paintball guns) poppet valve paintball gun. They product their paintball markers in the UK and service their paintball guns on the East Coast in Rhode Island.

2016 Planet Eclipse GEO CSR paintball Guns - The best marker of 2016! Retail Price of $1,795. This is a modified CS1 paintball gun that is smaller and lighter. The CSR paintball gun comes in 5 colors: Red Shadows, Green Shadows, Blue Shadows, Midnight and the Light Trooper. Only 1,000 of these markers were made for the entire world. Just like the 2015 GSL paintball gun, the CSR marker will hold it's value for at least 2 years. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised to see this gun selling for $2,000 by mid 2017.

2016 Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 Paintball Gun - All we can say is - WOW! Priced at $1,600, this marker compares to the Dye M2 but it is much easier to maintain. The CS1 paintball gun shoots flawlessly in cold and hot weather and can shoot any grade paintball that is made. This is a well balanced paintball marker that has a flat straight shooting shot. A perfect choice for the Mid to Front paintball player due to it's ball on ball accuracy with minimal velocity variation.

2015 Planet Eclipse GEO 3.5 Paintball Gun - Originally priced at $1,500 can now be purchased new for under $1,000. Trademygun makes a point of buying large quantities of a previous model of the Planet Eclipse GEO paintball guns. Everyone is on a budget which makes this the paintball marker of choice if you need a quiet, accurate, air efficient marker for your NXL or PSP paintball play. This gun is not only used by the tournament players, it is perfect for Big Paintball Games like the Oklahoma D-Day or ION Skirmish paintball events. Because it is light weight and so air efficient, you can shoot over 1,000 paintballs on a single tank of HPA or N2.

2015 Planet Eclipse LV1 or LV1.1 EGO Paintball Gun - Originally priced at $1,400 can now be purchase new for under $1,000. The PE Ego markers will never be the same since the inception of the LV1. The LV1 utilizes a new Lever Valve that makes the older style Ego's (2011 and older) sound like canons. This Lever Valve makes the LV1 ego paintball gun shoot smoother (virtually no recoil) and quieter than any Ego ever made before. You will get more shots per paintball tank of air with the EGO than with the GEO. The LV1 also has a shot trajectory that is "arched" - this is great for dropping a paintball into a bunker. Because of the shot trajectory, this is the paintball gun of choice for back players.

DLX LUXE 2.0 Paintball Gun - Originally priced at $1,500 can now be purchase new for under $800. The Luxe 2.0 builds off the older Luxe 1.0 and Luxe 1.5 platform by introducing a better spring loaded bolt system and a newer board that still talks to you. This paintball gun uses spool valve bolt technology that is second to none. The Luxe is super gentle on paint and is one of the most quiet paintball guns ever made.

DLX LUXE OLED Paintball Gun - Originally priced at $1,500 can now be purchase new for under $1,000. The Luxe OLED is exactly the same as the Luxe 2.0 except you will finally get a OLED board (and a talking board) with your paintball gun purchase. Luxe also went away from the hard Luxe paintball gun case and introduced a nice hard back paintball gun case that fits much easier in your paintball gear bag.

DLX LUXE ICE Paintball Gun - This gun came out in the spring of 2016 priced in the high end range of $1,500. The paintball community is anticipating a major redesign from one of the most innovative companies in the world - DLX Technologies. Keep an eye on as we'll be the first on the scene during the paintball extravaganza and plan to share what we find with all our loyal customers.

DLX LUXE X Paintball Gun - This gun came out in 2018 priced in the high end range of $1,500.

DLX LUXE TM40 Paintball Gun - This gun came out in 2020 priced in the high end paintball gun market running from $1,550 for standard color guns and all the way up to $1,795 for custom splashes and graphic markers.

SP RSX Shocker Paintball Gun - This gun coming out in the fall of 2015 introduced the first high end paintball gun at a mid-level price point - retail of just $799. SP, we think standing for Smart Parts, is a new paintball company that brought back the old Shocker but with huge technology advancements. This paintball gun has no macro line, has a OLED board, and shoots like butter with complete accuracy. The team behind DLX Luxe made this marker and boy did they hit the nail on the head. This is one of the most popular paintball guns ever made - it is quickly taking the paintball world by storm. Visit for a huge slection of RSX Shockers - Standard color RSX Shockers, Limited Edition Splash RSX Shockers, and HK Arms RSX Shockers.

Proto Matrix Paintball Guns - HISTORY - This is quite possible the most complicated line of paintball guns ever produced. Dye Precision (Dye Matrix) makes the Proto Matrix line of paintball guns. The Proto line is a lower end line that is targeted for paintball players that can't afford a Dye Matrix "DM" paintball gun. Prior to 2007, there was a single line of "PM" paintball guns that were identified by the model year. Proto Matrix PM5 Paintball Gun was made in 2005, Proto Matrix PM6 Paintball Gun was made in 2006, PM7 guns made in 2007 and finally the Proto PM8 paintball guns were made in 2008 - The "PM" paintball guns sold for around $995. Somewhere around 2007, Dye decided they needed to have a lower end gun to compete at the $300 price level. In 2007 a new marker came out called the Proto PMR (Proto Matrix Rail Paintball Gun). This original marker had a composite frame that could be upgraded to a Ultra Lite Frame. In 2009 the original PMR fizzled out as did the "PM" line of paintball guns. There was never a PM9 produced, instead the cheaper PMR was redesigned. In 2009 the "PMR" was increased in price to around $595 - it had stock a ulta lite frame and was supposed to be a nice compromise between a "PM" and a "PMR". That did not work out and in 2010 Dye decided to release 3 new guns: The 1st gun was a new PMR was again priced down to a low price of $250 - this PMR was similar to the original 2007 PMR. The 2nd gun was the PMR Maxxed that was like a PMR but with a 2 piece barrel and a ASA with a on/off. The 3rd gun was a Reflex Rail - this was more like the 2009 PMR with but with a dozen color combinations. If this doesn't confuse you already, don't forget in this same time period Dye released the Proto SLG Paintball Gun - a huge flop that lasted maybe 1 year. In 2016 Dye once again has changed things up by releasing the Proto Rize and the Maxxed Rize Paintball Guns.

2016 Proto Rize Paintball Gun

2016 Proto Rize Maxxed Paintball Gun