Paintball Clothing

Paintball Outfits

There are many choices and options when it comes to picking out paintball apparel. You can be comfortable, safe, and stylish at the same time, with the proper gear when you are playing. When you’re not on the field, then you can show your love for the hobby. From paintball jerseys, paintball pants to paintball gloves; the options are nearly limitless.

TradeMyGun carries every paintball apparel manufacturer there is out there. We want you to stay equipped for the field, and From tournament paintball apparel to scenario paintball jerseys and pants; you can find all your paintball apparel needs here! We carry all the sizes you are looking for, from youth to adult paintball apparel sizes.

Four Essential Pieces Of Paintball Apparel

You need these three elements of a paintball outfit to play safely, and meet regulations in some sessions. Paintballs may be tiny, but they pack a punch to them. That is why you need to protect your skin from potential abrasions.

Paintball Helmet Or Mask

This is primarily for face and eye protection. A mask protects you from paintball impact, especially since the balls are designed to explode on impact. They need to be a good fit while not blocking your vision or hearing. Never remove your mask in the middle of a game, unless you have designated safe areas.

Paintball Jersey

A paintball jersey is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest; whether you’re a team, an individual player, a tournament player, or a scenario paintball player. With so many colors and styles available, it’s easy to find a paintball jersey that fits your needs and style. Whether you’re looking for padding, breathability, or lightweight construction, you can be certain to find it at TradeMyGun.

Paintball Pants

Paintball pants are a crucial part of paintball protection; they provide the coverage you need to slide around in the elements and not get hurt. With padding options for knees, hips, shins, and back, you have many choices to choose from. Paintball pants are much like a paintball jersey in the sense that not only help protect you, but they allow you to own a unique design or style that you or your team can wear on the paintball field.

Paintball Gloves

Your hands are usually the first thing your opponent sees and shoots at sense your hands hold your paintball gun. Be sure to cover your hands with a pair of padded paintball gloves to protect you from the elements and being shot in the bare skin.

You have the choice of padding, full finger and half finger paintball glove designs to pick from. Check out all of the options we have at TradeMyGun and pick a pair of gloves that best suit you!

Other Essential Paintball Apparel

Paintball Accessories

Be sure to accessorize your paintball lifestyle with everything from lanyards to paintball playing socks. We have everything you need to treat yourself with the coolest accessories paintball has to offer.

Paintball Cleats

Avoid slipping and sliding on the field with a pair of paintball cleats that are specifically designed just for paintball. Paintball cleats or paintball shoes offer a variety of cleated options to help you with your traction on the paintball field.

Paintball Coveralls

Are you going to play paintball for the first time and don’t want to ruin your clothes, but don’t want to spend a bunch of money on paintball clothes? You should consider a paintball coverall, a one-piece design that covers you from neck to feet is disposable and very cost effective for your day at the paintball field.

Paintball Ghillie Suit

Any serious scenario paintball player has heard of, or seen a ghillie suit. They allow you and your paintball equipment to blend in to your surroundings better than ever. You can camouflage with ease. If you want to gain an edge over your competition, consider a paintball ghillie suit.

Paintball Hats And Beanies

Want to let people know you play paintball when you’re not at the field? Sounds like you need a paintball hat or paintball beanie. From snap backs, baseball caps, flex fits, fitted hats and beanies; there is a paintball hat or beanie for any occasion. Rep your favorite paintball companies casual hat or beanie and support the sport we all love!

Paintball Headbands

Don’t forget about protecting your head! A paintball headband is a great idea to not only protect your head from those painful head shots, but also to keep the sweat out of your eyes while you play. Not to mention the amount of color and design choices you have to choose from; you can find a paintball headband that matches your paintball gear!

Paintball Holsters

Need a convenient place to put your paintball pistol or sidearm while you carry your other paintball marker? A paintball gun holster may be just what you need. Get one that attaches to your vest, belt, or leg. Keep your paintball pistol secure until you need it.

Paintball Jackets

Keep yourself covered up from the elements with a paintball jacket; long sleeves can make all the difference. Choose from full zip jackets to half zip paintball jackets. Whether you decide to use it to play on the paintball field or just to wear casually, a paintball jacket is a nice addition to have.

Paintball Molle Belts

This is the first piece you need to build a versatile scenario paintball harness. A paintball molle belt is meant for interchangeable harness accessories which allows you to have exactly what you need for any type of paintball game.

Paintball Patches

Customize your paintball vest or jersey with some paintball patches. They can add some flair, and show off your personality. Equipped with velcro, these paintball patches make it easy to add a realistic appeal to your paintball apparel. Make sure to pick up a paintball patch or two before your next scenario game.

Paintball Shorts

Here is another great way to show off your love for paintball, rep a pair of paintball shorts. There are many styles and brands to choose from, such as, board shorts, gym shorts and paintball casual shorts that you can wear anywhere and anytime.

Paintball Sweatshirts

You can’t go wrong with a paintball hoodie. Sweatshirts are comfy with thick fabric, making them good for cold or wet weather. Choose from a new design from this year or that of a later year. With many brands to choose from be sure to show off your new paintball hoody the next time, you’re out!

Paintball T-Shirts

Make sure you check out our giant selection of paintball t-shirts to wear while you play, or to wear casually. With many designs and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find an awesome paintball t-shirt. Jazz up your wardrobe with a new paintball t-shirt today!

Paintball Vests

A paintball vest is a must-have for the serious scenario paintball player. Giving you the extra room you need to carry all of the essentials on the field with you; a paintball vest is a way to go. Choose from different colors and brands to find the paintball vest that fits your style of play!

Paintball Vest Accessories

What good is a paintball vest without the paintball vest accessories? Make sure you outfit your vest with all the vital accessories you need to be successful during your next scenario paintball game. Everything from paintball tank pouches, radio pouches, and grenade pouches. Pick and choose which paintball vest accessories are right for you.

Paintball Water Pod

Stay hydrated on the field with a paintball water pod. (Only use them in-between games or during timeouts, because removing your mask to get a drink of water can get you injured during a session.) Made in the shape of a paintball pod, this handy water pod fits right into your paintball vest or paintball harness, just like a pod would. This is a great addition to any scenario paintball player’s gear.


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