Paintball Pod Packs

Paintball Pod Packs | Harness

Take your paintball experience to another level with the perfect paintball harness or pack. TradeMyGun has a huge selection of scenario and tournament-ready styles, including packs in all sizes - so you'll have plenty of extra ammo when it matters most! Whether at the back or up front, gear up for success today.

Here is some helpful information about paintball packs to help make a good purchase on your next paintball harness. 

Vertical Paintball Pod Pack

Elevate your paintball game and become a smaller target on the field with one of our popular vertical pod packs! These hand-crafted, high performance pieces securely position individual pods close to you body - so you can remain as agile as possible. Plus, each pocket is equipped with a reliable velcro strap for lightning fast reloads when it matters most.

Horizontal Paintball Pod Pack

Scenario paintball players take the challenge of combat to a whole new level. To help them rearm and reload on their terrain, they turn to horizontal pod packs that fasten around their waistes and keep pods in an evenly spaced-out position across the lower back. This ensures quick access while still providing some cover against opposing forces - making it easy for warriors of woods ball battles to remain at full strength!

Paintball Pod Belt Pouch

Don't get caught empty-handed on the paintball field! Get yourself a belt style pod pack, and you're all set. With these handy pouches easily attaching to your belt - or coming with their own in some cases - they give you anywhere from one to three extra pods of paintballs depending on how much firepower you need for that next round. A simple cost effective solution when it comes to equipping yourself before battle; be prepared like never before by picking up a quality Paintball Pod Belt today!

What does the "+" mean?

The "+" refers to both the vertical and horizontal paintball pod packs. If you the the "+" symbol in a horizontal pod pack description (4+1 pod pack), it means that the pod pack holds four paintball pods + one paintball tank vertically in the middle of your four paintball pods.

If you see the "+" in the description of a vertical paintball pod pack, its referring to additional elastic loops that are mounted in between the velcro straps that also hold your paintball pods. For example, a 4+3 pod pack holds a total of seven pods, four velcro slots and three additional elastic loops for paintball pods. If you see a pod pack that says 4+3+2, this means that the paintball pod harness holds nine total paintball pods. There are many variations of vertical paintball pod packs, browse through our giant selection and choose the right fit for you!