Paintball Pod Packs

Paintball Pod Packs | Harness

Whether your a back player, or a front player; carrying extra paintballs on the field is a must. Paintball harnesses and paintball packs range from scenario to tournament styles. With many sizes and options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow it down to what paintball harness will work best for you. Be sure to look through all of the paintball pod packs we have at

- Here is some helpful information about paintball packs before you buy -

Vertical Paintball Pod Pack

This type of paintball pod pack is most popular for speedball or tournament play. A vertical pod pack keeps the paintball pods on your back, placed vertically, and close to your body to make you as small of a target of the field as possible. Each paintball pod has its own individual slot that is secured with a velcro strap, which allows for easy removal when you're ready to reload.

Horizontal Paintball Pod Pack

A horizontal pod pack is most popular with woods ball and scenario paintball players. This pod pack fastens around your waist and holds your paintball pods in a horizontal position across your lower back. While a horizontal pod pack makes it easy to reinsert your empty paintball pods back into your harness, unlike a vertical pod pack, it does give you a little larger profile while playing. Usually the ease of loading and reloading your horizontal paintball pod harness is more important to the scenario player than being a little bigger target in the woods.

Paintball Pod Belt Pouch

This is the simplest and usually most cost effective way to carry extra paintballs on the playing field. A paintball pod belt pouch attaches to your belt, or in some cases comes with a belt, and normally holds anywhere from one to three paintball pods. If you're not looking to carry a lot of extra paint onto the field, but don't want to be caught empty handed; than a paintball pod belt may be the perfect solution for you!

What does the "+" mean?

The "+" refers to both the vertical and horizontal paintball pod packs. If you the the "+" symbol in a horizontal pod pack description (4+1 pod pack), it means that the pod pack holds four paintball pods + one paintball tank vertically in the middle of your four paintball pods.

If you see the "+" in the description of a vertical paintball pod pack, its referring to additional elastic loops that are mounted in between the velcro straps that also hold your paintball pods. For example, a 4+3 pod pack holds a total of seven pods, four velcro slots and three additional elastic loops for paintball pods. If you see a pod pack that says 4+3+2, this means that the paintball pod harness holds nine total paintball pods. There are many variations of vertical paintball pod packs, browse through our giant selection and choose the right fit for you!