HPA Paintball Tanks With Regulators

Ninja Paintball Tanks

Ninja paintball air tanks are designed for optimal performance. They balance lightweight qualities with strength in providing pressurized air and a fitted size for the user. For that reason, Ninja keeps developing and updating its high-pressure air tank options.

Air tank size denotes volume and the amount of pressurized air that you can use during a session. Bigger isn’t always better, however; some players may find that working with a tank oversized proportionate to the rest of their gear may encounter limited mobility. If you’re struggling to shoot and evade your opponents, that can be a problem during any session.


Ninja Tanks

Ninja is one of our most popular brands, with air tanks as one of their top-recommended products. If you want to order an air tank, be sure to select one as soon as possible. Our website notifies you how many are in stock, and we can suggest alternatives when your desired model has sold out.

See which tanks qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty. This can help you save on costs in the long run, especially if you attend sessions frequently. You can also determine if your orders will come with free shipping, depending on the order. Some also have a five-year auto.

Enthusiasts like the Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber Air Tank 68/4500 Grey Ghost. The carbon fiber lends to the tank’s robust qualities and durability on the field, with 4500 PSI worth of compressed air. Any user can find flexibility in choosing their regulator. Adjust the pressure as you see fit.

Do you have tournaments in the future, with preparation? The Ninja Paintball Sl Carbon Fiber Air Tank – 68/4500 is designed for intense competitions. It has a storage capacity of 68 PSI and is always ready to provide air.

Another option is the Ninja Paintball Sl2 Carbon Fiber Air Tank – 77/4500. People like its lightness and durability, making it very wieldy during combat. You get 1400 shots per fill, with options for regulators.


Types Of Air Tanks

You can either get CO2 or a high-pressure air tank, also known as HPA. Some players favor CO2 because carbon dioxide is an inexpensive source of necessary pressure. It is less consistent, however, so is suited more for beginners.

HPA in contrast costs more but provides better performance. The tanks have compressed air. Its output is more reliable, especially over a longer session.

Tank material is another factor, as it contributes to durability. Professionals like carbon fiber, though aluminum is also a traditional option. You want a tank that will withstand any bad weather or unfriendly terrain, especially outdoors.


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Trade My Gun believes in providing the best air tank options for the field. With new and refurbished paintball guns, we can help you match equipment for ideal performance. We can also fit your budget requirements so that you don’t have to break the bank when looking to expand your repertoire and array of paintball equipment.

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