When you are training or participating in an airsoft grenade session, you may want some extra ammunition. You may have opponents that have found cover or have barriers that may block your shooting game. If your aim is proper, an airsoft grenade will help take out those seeking shelter or hidden from view.


Airsoft Grenades

Take a look at our options for airsoft grenades. Safety, accuracy, and quality are our three major priorities. We want you to have fun while also staying prepared for any scenario within the field.

For a handheld option with accuracy, consider the Sentinel Gears 40MM Airsoft Grenade Launcher Pistol Aluminum Construction. Use the top or bottom rail to add optics of your choosing or other accessories. A break barrel allows for easy reloading.

To match such a grenade launcher, you’ll want appropriate canisters. The SG 40MM Gas Grenade Shell for Airsoft Grenade Launchers are the right size and can handle 6 MM BBs. Load them for large shooting parties so that you can take out multiple opponents with one hit. The canisters are durable and will last for a long time.

Sometimes you may need to fix your impact grenades. They may be leaking air, which reduces their potency. In that case, invest in the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone REPAIR KIT. It can only work on impact grenades but is still pretty valuable. The kit comes with an instruction manual, cyclone shuttle, and fuse head seals.

Hand Grenade Options

When it comes to airsoft grenades, there are a few different types. They serve various functions, depending on your airsoft training preferences. Always check with the field managers about what classes are allowed to make sure you follow the rules.

There are dummy grenades, which give off the impression of a real grenade by throwing it in someone’s proximity. They are filled with BBs but will otherwise not discharge. These are best for mitigating potential damage in the field, especially in small areas. You can also use them for the show, to make you look like a player that means business.

A BB grenade expels airsoft BBs when it goes off, sending BB’s everywhere or gas. It will simulate an explosion, albeit not a dangerous one. One drawback is they require reloading after every use. You may need to wait for a timeout or break to do so, as reloading mid-session can risk exposure to opponent fire.

Other airsoft grenades include grenade shells or launchers, which can shoot up to 168 BBs per shot. With the extra firepower, as demonstrated with the pistols, you can land more hits.


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TradeMyGun has the equipment that you need to upgrade your airsoft game. We have new and refurbished guns, all of which meet federal regulations for replica weapons. They will also match your budget of choice, especially when paired with our ammunition options.
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