Paintball Masks

Full Selection of Dye, Empire, HK Army, Push, V-Force, Virtue and JT Paintball Masks

Paintball masks are the most important piece of paintball safety gear that you can own. TMG offers a variety of cool paintball goggles to choose from to make your decision easier. Remember to to protect your face and eyes while being comfortable at the same time. We own and operate a year round indoor / outdoor paintball field so we have extensive experience related to picking a good mask.

There are many brands and styles of masks but only a couple important features you should consider when buying a mask. First, the mask should comfortably fit on your face since you will be wearing it the entire time you're playing paintball. Second, a good dual pane non-fog lens will cost you more money, but this type of lens will eliminate fogging. Finally, a mask with lots of venting will help air circulate inside your mask and further prevent fogging while adding comfort. Cool paintball masks are nice, but safe paintball masks are more important.

We offer masks at under $30 that are good for someone that is watching their budget and may only play paintball a few times per year.

We offer many masks that run in the $60-$260 range. These are for the serious tournament or big game player that plays paintball once a month or more. The experienced player knows that the extra money is money well spent!

We carry all of the name brand paintball masks that are offered on the market. We also offer paintball accessories, parts and upgrades for most masks that we sell.

To help you make a good decision on what type of paintball mask you should buy, we will provide you with a feature list for the paintball mask brands that we sell.

Dye Paintball Masks  The Dye Paintball Mask is a great mask for the amateur or pro level paintball player. The price is over $100 but you will get a quality dual pane thermal lens and a very comfortable and light weight mask. However, if you have a large face you may not like the lack of jaw coverage. This paintball mask is so light weight that it is cut high and therefore does not fit a player very well that has a large jaw or large face.

Dye i4 Paintball Mask

Dye i4 Pro Paintball Mask

Dye i5 Paintball Mask


Empire Paintball Masks  Empire has several different styles of paintball masks at different price points. The starter X-Ray mask sells for under $30 and has a single pane lens. It meets all safety regulations but is a starter paintball mask. The Empire Helix Paintball Mask is our best seller for the intermediate player at a starter price of only $55. The Helix comes with a dual pane thermal lens and fits on all faces. For the Pro Level player you should move into an Empire E-vents, Empire E-Flex Mask or the Empire EVS paintball Mask. These pro level masks have dual pane lens with soft ears and a super quick change lens system.

HK Army KLR Paintball Masks HK Army introduced the KLR Paintball Mask in 2014. This is a highly sought after mask that is being used by Pro paintball players. If it's good for a Pro it will be good for anyone! You get a stylish mask with a quality thermal dual pane lens. It fits all face sizes of paintball players.

Introducing the all new HK Army SLR Paintball Mask System. The SLR goggle protects critical areas of the user, while still promoting supreme breathability, audible clarity and freedom of movement. Improvements from their KLR Mask, the SLR Mask includes a Clip-Lock magnetic chin strap, CTX Padded Back Strap Pad and improved ventilation for hot and humid days. 

HK Army HSTL Paintball Mask and HK Army HSTL Skull Paintball Mask. The HK HSTL Mask is the perfect solution for players living on a budget but not wanting to sacrifice style, safety or reliability.  Priced to compete with the Empire Helix, the HSTL mask comes with a high quality thermal dual pane lens and decent ventiliation to prevent fogging. If you really want to stand out on the field, check out the HK HSTL Skull Mask for a innovative design that has never been seen in paintball before! The HSTL goggle system fits all face sizes of paintball players.

JT Paintball Masks  JT Paintball Masks are the old school choice for many experienced paintball players. Today, JT offers starter traditional face masks and starter full coverage masks. You can also get a Pro-Level JT Pro-Flex paintball mask that comes with a no-fog quick change thermal lens. The Pro-Flex has the best ventilation on the market and offers a high quality dual plane thermal lens. The only down side to the Pro-Flex is in the soft ear system. This ear system does not give you the best coverage and is known to wearout requiring you to replace the ears (low cost part that we do sell).

Dye Axis Pro Paintball Masks The DYE Axis Pro Goggle comes upgraded with a DYEtanium coated mirrored triodial anti-fog thermal lens. The co-molded dual density mask offers flexibility and a proper fit. The multi-ported earpiece allows unrestricted audio transfer to take place without sacrificing any ear protection and provides total comfort with two-layer foam.

V-Force Armor Paintball Masks  This is a safe mask with no extras, but for the price it's certainly better than using someone elses mask.  Consider buying this mask if you are going to rent paintball equipment for a paintball outing.  It is safe, meets all safety standards, and will work just fine for the player that won't play on a regular basis. 

V-Force Paintball Masks The V-Force Paintball Mask comes in three main models: The V-Force Profiler Paintball Mask, the V-Force Grill Paintball Mask, and the newly released V-Force Grill 2.0 Mask. These masks are widely used because of the great price and superior quality. You will find this mask being worn by paintball players at every paintball field or event that you attend. From beginners to Pro's ,this is a great Mask of Choice starting at a reasonable price.

Valken Paintball Masks  Valken Paintball Masks are priced to sell and designed for the woodsball and tournament player. You can get single pane lens and dual thermal lens depending on the model you buy. Valken also makes a great line of full face and head paintball masks. The Valken MI-7 and MI-9 Annex paintball masks are priced like a starter mask but clearly have the quality and reliability of a mid to high level goggle.

Virtue VIO Paintball Masks  The Virtue VIO Paintball mask is a high level mask used by pro paintball players. All VIO masks come stock with a no fog dual pane thermal lens. It's the most customizable paintball mask on the market. With quality and customization comes a price, but if you are going to splurge on paintball gear this would be the place to do it! A Paintball Mask is the most important piece of paintball safety gear that you will own.It is important to protect your face and eyes while being comfortable at the same time.We own and operate a year round indoor / outdoor paintball field so we have extensive experience related to picking a good mask.  Available Virtue mask models include:

Virtue Vio Ascend Paintball Mask

Virtue Vio Contour II Paintball Mask

Virtue Vio Extend II Paintball Mask

Virtue Vio XS II Paintball Mask