Cloth Dust Masks

HK Army Cloth Dust Masks

Wearing a cloth dust mask will be a necessity for a long time, along with sanitation procedures. With that said, you don’t have to limit yourself to handmade options or those found in grocery stores. HK Army cloth dust masks are designed for comfort and to show your love of the game. They are reusable and machine washable, making them versatile for various outdoor activities.


Cloth dust masks also can serve another purpose: preventing you from inhaling chemical fumes or sediment during a session. While we recommend that you wear a full face mask with goggles during a session — this is to reduce the chances of bruising and laceration– cloth dust masks can protect you during breaks. Dust can quickly enter your lungs and cause breathing problems.

Anti-Dust Face Masks From HK Army

Note that the CDC has not cleared any of these masks for absolute protection against specific viruses or COVID-19; these are designed for casual use. The masks are for when you cannot maintain a six-foot distance from other patrons in various spaces. Don’t forget to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer often, and remember common sense.

In some cases, you may be doing other sports such as cycling, hiking, jogging, spelunking, or camping. You want a mask that protects your face from dusty elements in this case, especially when in remote areas. If the weather is cold or harsh, you can also prevent potential windburn or chapped lips.

The HK Army Washable Cloth Face Dust Mask is made in the USA and designed for many outdoor sports. Its skull and crossbones print will produce the wearer look cool. The soft polyester material with an extra mouth layer is a good choice for cold, harsh conditions while preventing excess rubbing. It has elastic earloops for simple removal and making a comfortable fit.

One variant on the standard HK Army face mask carries the TradeMyGun name with the same benefits and comfort. You also choose a random HK Army design on the other side, making the mask interchangeable. Show your love of our brand and a commitment to safety.

You may want a change of pace from the standard mask. We have the S4O Balaclava Bandana Face Cover Elastic Microfiber Headband as an alternative. It can pair with other paintball equipment while protecting your mouth and nose from dusty and cold, harsh weather conditions. You also have UV-resistant fabric and insect protection in buggy areas.

Reflect Your Love Of Outdoor Sports With TradeMyGun

TradeMyGun wants to provide valuable and practical equipment for paintball players. Whether on or off the field, the team believes in promoting personal safety. As facilities reopen with appropriate procedures and regulations, we want you to protect yourself with the right equipment. That means having masks on hand for your next public outing or game session.
To find out more about mask options and other paintball equipment, please reach out to us today. TradeMyGun will answer all of your questions about the masks that we carry and other necessary equipment. Feel comfortable and warm with our options while showing off your paintball pride during or outside a training session.

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