Dye Paintball Guns


The DYE Paintball brand is an international sensation with headquarters based in three continents. Founded in 1994, the company has honed 26 years of precision and quality. Founder Dave Youngblood wanted to focus on production, manufacturing, design and development as a one-man show. The operation has since grown into a corporation.

DYE merges stylish aesthetics with practical designs and grips for various paintball guns, markers, and other equipment. Players choose them when they want to win a session, and so they can contribute their input. When you carry a DYE gun, you carry years of paintball experience.

DYE Paintball Markers And Guns

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Dye paintball markers have been The Choice Of Champions for over a decade and have helped professional teams win championship after championship. Newer models are designed to address potential obstacles and skirmishes.

Some paintball players prefer the DYE Dam product line, one of the first tactical gun series from the company. It combines all the benefits that a player needs to win a tactical session, implementing designs from tournament experience.

The Dye DAM Paintball Gun Tactical .68 caliber Marker comes with a black and blue water fade for cooler aesthetics. It is designed for flexibility, so that any player can use it fairly easily. The Fly Fire selection button allows you to switch between Semi-Auto, 3-Shot Burst or Full Auto when the occasion demands any of the three. Pair with the Competition Grade trigger, that allows you to shoot without gloves if necessary.

You also get a self-cleaning anti chop pipe system to remove paint or dirt debris, and a rotating eyepipe to protect it. This increases efficiency when you are playing, so that you have fewer obstacles on the small scale.

Another great production line from DYE is the Rize CZR, which implements designs from high-quality end markers. It has little maintenance and uses ramp solenoids to power up your paintball shot, with color-coded O-rings for assistance.

With that, the Dye RIZE CZR Paintball Marker .68 Caliber Gun also tops our recommendations. It also comes with a parts kit and the tools that you need for regular repair and maintenance, saving you on time and expenses. The aluminum trigger and sticky grips improve the ergonomics, which is useful for players that run the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome potentially.

Pair Up With An Ideal Paintball Gun From TradeMyGun

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