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Paintball Hoppers and Loaders

Shopping for the perfect Paintball Loader can be daunting, with prices ranging from budget-friendly to extravagant and countless options in between! However, investing into a reliable hopper or loader is key - no matter if you are an experienced player just testing out new gear or a beginner looking for their first purchase. A quality paintball accessory will ensure maximum performance on each excursion and provide years of enjoyment. 

At Trademygun, we have the paintball hoppers you need. Whether it’s an electronic Dye Rotor for your battery-operated paintball gun or a budget-friendly Tippmann Hopper for mechanical markers – we provide top notch loaders at competitive prices to fit any player's needs and game style!

Looking for the perfect electronic paintball hopper? We've got you covered! Our top picks are guaranteed to have your back no matter what budget, ranging from economical $70 models all the way up to luxurious $250 options that guarantee a premium experience. Check out our list of 2023's best-reviewed and highest quality offerings now!

TMG Top Electronic Paintball Hopper Picks

Dye Rotor Paintball Hopper Loaders

The original Dye Rotor was released at the PSP worldcup event in the fall of 2008.  The Dye rotor was a massive success that swept through the paintall industry in record time.  Players raced to upgrade their old hoppers to this new invention that was super lite weight, quite, non jamming features, and completely toolless.  The R1 rotor was replaced in 2015 by the expandable Dye R2 Hopper.  The Dye R2 loader was packed with upgrades icluding the ability to expand the shell from 200 round capacity to 260 round capacity, without changing shells!  The Dye R2 clearly outperformed the original rotor but the price tag prevented some players from using this great new hopper.  In 2018 Dye introduced the budget friendly Dye LTR paintball hopper.  The Dye LT-R loader was a stripped down version of the original Rotor and sold at about half the price of the R2.

From beginners to pros, the Dye LT-R hopper provides constant, reliable feeding with Rotor technology and adjustable features. Spring-loaded floor tray and feed tension settings give you ultimate control for maximum performance every round!

The Dye LT-R is the perfect tool to unleash on your opponents. With its capacity of 200 paintballs, plus up to 80,000 shots from a single set of 3 AA batteries you'll be ready for hours upon hours of action! But that's not all - customize it with as many accessories as you like and take advantage of its low profile shell for superior performance in any environment.  The very first LTR accessory you should buy is a ltr speed feed to help you quickly reload the hopper. 

Revolutionize your paintball game with the patent pending DYE Rotor R2! Drawing on insights from both professional players and customer feedback, Dye's engineering team has crafted this groundbreaking loader technology that offers outstanding feed rates, reliability AND capacity flexibility. With a unique multi-capacity shell feature allowing you to choose between 200 or 260 round capacities on the go - without having to use any additional parts or tools - be prepared for an exhilarating experience like no other.  Trademygun offers all colors and styles of the Dye R2 hopper plus the best upgrades like a must have speed feed.  
Dye R2 Loader
Dye LTR Loader

Virtue Spire Paintball Hopper Loaders

Virtue's ambition to become a game-changer in the paintball market kicked off with their innovative production of electronic boards for paintball guns. After Dye revolutionized gameplay with its bestselling Rotor, Virtue released two hopper models - Spire and IR2 – which provided better options at different price points, solidifying themselves as serious competitors in 2009. The sheer excellence of these products catapulted them into prosperity with the launch of their top-of-the range V Hopper series!
The Virtue Spire IR2 Electronic Paintball Hopper is the third generation of the popular Spire hopper. This latest version is soft on paint and has a 9-ball raceway to feed at high rates of fire without jamming. The upgraded interlocking shell design holds together on tough dives, and the toolless lid makes for a quick change speed feed. Additionally, the 2-piece toolless shell makes it easy to disassemble, clean, and change the battery. The upgraded toolless and more durable dual material Spire drive allows for easy cleaning of the ball raceway.
The Virtue Spire is revolutionizing loader technology with a shot-activated sensor, jam-proof feeding system and tool less design that can be taken apart in seconds. Experience aggressive, lightweight performance like never before--all while benefiting from greater paint capacity than its competitors! The Spire V and iR2 loaders are sure to meet the needs of any player looking for consistency on the field; offering maximum value coupled with superior features such as dual sensors found only in the top of the line spire V model. Get your pro game ready today - grab a virtue hopper now!
Virtue Spire IV Paintball Hopper
Virtue Spire V Paintball Hopper

HK Army Paintball Hopper Loaders

HK Army is proud to present the TFX 3.0, a loader that blends top performing features from its predecessor with multiple technological improvements for remarkable quality and performance. Take your paintball experience up a notch by utilizing the updated "Soft Touch Paddle" system complete with a Laser Break Beam Eye Sensor for an unbeatable feed rate plus reliable operation! Added extras such as Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery and Speed Feed make this loader absolutely unrivaled on the market today - don't miss out on making every shot count!
The HK Army TFX3 Paintball Hopper was designed with the player in mind. From the soft touch paddles to the expansion ring attachment, this hopper can hold up to 230+ balls and still provide an epic feed rate. The zero gravity lift tray with rechargeable 2.0 Li-Ion battery will keep you on the field longer, and the Lazer Breaker Beam Eye Sensor will make sure you never lose another ball. The USB-C Charging Port and Cable will make sure your TFX3 is always ready to go, and the updated PCB programming ensures that you'll be able to play at your best. The included epic speed feed makes sure you're always reloaded and ready for action.
HK TFX 3 Paintball Hopper

Empire Halo Paintball Hopper Loaders

The Empire Halo Too is the ultimate paintball loader for anyone on a budget. Its unbeatable performance comes at half the price of some top loaders, delivering up to 20+ balls-per-second with its ultra quiet belt drive and Freeway Anti-Jam feature. The tough matte black polycarbonate shell can withstand any hit and holds 180 paintballs, while also housing an onboard computer that allows you customize your settings like never before - Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity & Feed Stack monitoring! Get ready to dominate by investing in this unstoppable piece of equipment today!
Empire Halo 2 Paintball Hopper

Planet Eclipse Hopper Loaders

Planet Eclipse is the go-to for paintball guns, and now they have a chance to lead in the hopper world. With their reliable reputation backing them up, Planet Eclipse could steward revolutionary change with an all new hi end electronic hopper release - but until then we can only enjoy what's already here: The Protoyz Speedster as a budget friendly option and some lower level gravity fed PAL options suitable for Etha & Emek models.
Experience maximum performance and reliability at minimal cost with the Protoyz Speedster Loader from Planet Eclipse. Its effortlessly-maintained construction, illuminated push button, GRN shells and impressive feed rate make it an ideal choice for paintball players looking to save on their budget - all powered by a low-consumption battery.
Experience the reliability of PAL Loader System, a design that works in perfect harmony with your PAL Enabled marker to deliver an uninterrupted flow of paintballs. Streamline and lightweight, it's 100% pneumatically actuated - no batteries needed! Enjoy this ergonomic solution without wasted air or exposed moving parts; you'll be up and running at peak efficiency quickly for reliable shooting action.
Valken Paintball Hopper Loaders
Founded by a family passionate about the sport of paintball, Valken is an industry leader dedicated to making mid-range products accessible and affordable for players across the US. Their loader lineup includes two great options - whether you're looking for electronic power with their V-Max hopper or just enjoy some classic gravity fed fun with Gotcha – Valken's got your back!
Upgrade your paintball game with the easy-to-use Valken VMax Plus loader! Experience lightning speed performance at up to 20 balls per second, powered by two 9 volt batteries. It has a capacity of 220 and can effortlessly switch to a speed feed without tools - perfect for mid or high range guns. Simple maintenance ensures it remains reliable and fast over prolonged use, while its light design makes transportation effortless as you always stay ready on the field!
Valken Gotcha brings all the thrills of intense paintball without any high impact shots! This revolutionary game takes your favorite first person shooter video games and adds some vibrant splashes of color. With a 120 - 50 caliber paintball capacity, you'll have plenty to fire off during each session as you tag opponents with bright blasts that make every battle even more exhilarating. Get ready for an unforgettable experience -- it's time to get got (Gotcha!).
VMAX Plus Paintball Hopper

Tippmann Paintball Hoppers

Get your next paintball gun upgrade with the budget friendly Tippmann VL Hopper! This gravity fed hopper holds up to 200 rounds of .68 caliber ammunition, making it perfect for use with a Model 98 or other mechanical semi-automatic guns. Bring some extra firepower and style to your game today!
Get the best of both worlds with Tippmann’s Multi-Caliber Paintball Hopper Loader! This nifty loader features a dual round capacity, making it perfect for budget conscious players in need of an efficient and reliable hopper. Use .50 cal or .68 caliber paintballs - thanks to its removable adapter that allows you to switch between sizes on command. With this Gravity Fed device at your side, jamming up will be no longer worrying about game restrictions due one's gear!
Tippmann VL Hopper