Paintball Hoppers

A Paintball Hopper / Loader is required for all paintball guns and is produced by several Paintball Loader Manufacturers including: BT, Dye, Empire, Gen X Global, GI Sportz, Invert Halo, JT, Kingman, Pinokio, Proto, Tippmann, Valken and Virtue.


At first look you may think picking the correct Paintball Loader is too complex. These Paintball Loaders range in price from just a few dollars all the way up to several hundred dollars. By following our simple Paintball Loader Guide, you will quickly learn what you need to make an educated decision when making your purchase.


Paintball Loader Myth


The biggest Myth in selecting a good Paintball Loader is asking how “fast” (ie, what is the bps or balls per second). Our staff shoots more makes and models of paintball markers and paintball loaders than any other company in the world. In addition to our trading company, we own and operate a world class Indoor and Outdoor Paintball Field . This experience helped us realize that there is no reason to own a Paintball Loader that can feed faster than 15-25 balls-per-second. Most fields and tournaments set speed limits for safety reasons. Because of this, do not fall for the sales pitch of needing a Paintball Loader that can shoot more than 25bps. In fact, 95% of the time you will only need a Paintball Loader that can feed 15bps.


Paintball Loader Guide


Before you can select the proper Paintball Loader you need to know what type of Paintball Gun you are buying the Paintball Loader for.


  1. If the Paintball Gun you have uses a battery, you should select a Paintball Loader listed in the “Electronic Loader” Section below.


  1. If the Paintball Gun you have does NOT take a battery, you will be happy with any Paintball Loader listed in the “Gravity Feed” Section below.


  1. If the Paintball Gun you have has a Cyclone Feed Paintball Loader System (example: A5 or X7), you should select a Paintball Loader listed in the “Cyclone Gravity Feed” Section below.

Electronic Paintball Loaders / Hoppers


Dye Box Paintball Loader – Dye produced this loader exclusively for the Dye DAM (Dye Assault Marker) for an aggressive $399.95 price tag. This Paintball Loader has a ball capacity of 325 paintballs, rapid reload capability, adjustable torque and Black Ops game play mode. If you own a Dye DAM you can use this loader or any other Electronic Loader listed below. This loader will ONLY work with the Dye DAM Paintball Marker.


Dye Rotor Paintball Loader - The Dye Rotor has the best track record of any pro level Paintball Loader on the market. It is super light weight, tool-less for easy cleaning, long battery life, a crazy 50+ bps, built in jam release trigger and 200 ball capacity. These Paintball Loaders sell for $149.95 and up. They will work on ALL Paintball Guns. If you buy this loader you will never need to upgrade even if you upgrade your paintball gun.


Empire Scion Paintball Loader – The Empire Scion is a good mid level electronic hopper that will be perfect for a mid level paintball gun (ie, Invert Mini, Empire Axe, Eclipse Etha, etc). The Paintball Loader will feed at 15+ bps, has auto Jam Clearance and a tool less battery door. Priced at $79.95 it is a good option for the price.



Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader – The Empire Prophecy Z2 hopper competes directly with the Dye Rotor. It holds 200 paintballs, has tool less assembly, is low profile and light weight, works great with reballs, has a electronic “reverse” button to un jam the loader (if needed) and has a simple on/off toggle switch. This are priced from $99.95 to $169.95. This is a decent Paintball Loader but takes third place behind the Dye Rotor and Virtue Spire.



Invert Halo Too Paintball Loader – The Halo Too hopper came from the Odyssey Halo hopper that led the market in loader sales during the mid 2000’s. It’s a basic electronic loader that feeds at 20+ balls per second and holds up to 180 paintballs. It is the best Paintball Loader to buy at the Mid Range Price Level.



JT Paintball Loader – The JT Revolution hopper is a beginner level loader that feeds at 12 balls per second and holds 180 paintballs. It uses “agitated” technology which basically uses a spring loaded paddle that forces balls down into the paintball gun chamber. This is very old technology and is better than a gravity fed hopper but at the bottom of the barrel when comparing to other electronic paintball loaders. Priced at just over $40 it is one of the cheapest options for this hopper category.


Kingman Spyder Paintball Loader – The Spyder Fasta hopper is a mid-level paintball loader that feeds 30 balls per second and holds 230 paintballs. Priced at just under $100 you get a lot of great features for the money. However, it is not considered a “main stream” paintball loader at the tournament level. It functions fine but is mostly used at the recreational and woodsball level.


Pinokio Paintball Loader – The Pinokio hopper is a universal design that incorporates two shells to allow for speedball and woodsball play. When using the speedball shell, you will have a sleek design that holds 250 paintballs. When using the woodsball shell, you can hold a massive 400 paintballs! This dual functionality, coupled with a 30+ balls per second feed rate gets you a unique Paintball Loader for $150.


Valken Paintball Loader – The Valken VMax and VMax2 hopper is one of our best mid priced loaders on the market. Offered in several great design colors they satisfy the taste of tournament and woodsball players. They feed at 30+ balls per second and hold up to 220 balls. Priced at $65-$95 you will be very happy with the performance of this Paintball Loader.


Virtue Paintball Loader – The Virtue Spire Paintball loader was released in 2010 and is the only hopper that can compete with the Dye Rotor. The Spire hopper is offered in numerous colors, two types of shell capacities (200 and 260), and a easy to swap lid and speedfeed design. The Virtue Spire and the Dye Rotor are the two most widely used Paintball Loaders being used by all Tournament Players in the world. Priced at $190 and up you will make an investment that can be used on any paintball gun you will ever own.




Top Three Electronic Paintball Loader (Pro Level – Over $100)


1) Dye Rotor

2) Virtue Spire

3) Empire Prophecy Z2



Top Three Electronic Paintball Loader (Mid Level – Under $100)


1) Invert Halo Too

2) Valken VMAX

3) JT Revolution




Gravity Feed Paintball Loaders / Hoppers



GenX Global Paintball Loader – The GenX 200 Round Paintball Loader offers a quality product that provides a simple solution to feeding paintballs to your Paintball Gun. Simply push the hopper into your feedneck, lift the lid on the hopper and fill with paintballs. No batteries required. Gravity will take care of pushing balls in the break of your Paintball Gun. Starting at $1.99 you won’t find a cheaper paintball loader.


Proto Paintball Loader – The Proto Primo Paintball Loader will hold 200 paintballs and has an innovative shell design that helps prevent balls from jamming. This feature allows Gravity to push balls faster into your gun and therefore is the most efficient Gravity Fed Paintball Loader on the market. Priced at under $20 you will have the best hopper available for the price.



Cyclone Feed Paintball Loaders / Hoppers


Tippmann Paintball Loader – The Tippmann Cyclone low profile Paintball Loader is required for all Tippmann A5 and X7 paintball guns. This hopper has a wide mouth profile so it will fit on your cyclone feed system.