Planet Eclipse GEO R5 Paintball Marker Guns



The Eclipse Geo. The iconic spool valve marker that has earned its place alongside the greatest marker platforms in the game and a worthy sibling to the mighty Eclipse Ego, is back. More agile, more refined and even more equipped than ever.

The new Geo R5 platform makes giant leaps forwards with a host of incredible new features. A brand new GR drivetrain, the latest electronics stack and a flowing ergonomics package that will reignite the passion for the Geo once more.

Through its numerous iterations, the Geo has always proven to be the spool marker of choice for players seeking something truly unique; the Geo R5 delivers once again. Unmatched performance, supreme efficiency and bulletproof reliability are standards famously consistent with ALL Planet Eclipse markers, but it’s the peerless, buttery smooth and incredibly stable shot characteristics of the Geo R5, wrapped in a progressive design package that truly sets it apart from its rivals and any Geo that came before it. A truly exceptional marker.


  • GR Drivetrain
  • Ergonomic Ground-Up Redesign
  • High Flow FT Soft Tip Bolt
  • Concealed Toolless Eye and Detent Covers
  • OLED Rear Mounted Heads-Up Display
  • Adjustable Bolt Acceleration Profile via SFR (Solenoid Flow Restrictor)
  • 5-Point Adjustable Blade Trigger w/Rake Control
  • Planet Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel - Total Length 14.5"
  • Planet Eclipse S63 PWR Inserts 0.685" and 0.689" Inserts
  • MME Electronics Package
  • Bluetooth® On-Board
  • Non-Slip Rubberised and Textured Foregrip
  • Wire-less Frame-to-body Interface
  • Lightpipe Breech Sensor Technology
  • 32-Bit High Performance, Low Power, RISC Microcontroller
  • Classic Spool Valve Shot Characteristics
  • Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Recalibrated Breech Sensing Technology
  • 3D Milled Aluminium Body
  • Larger Valve Chamber Volume
  • Low Operating Pressure – 95-105psi
  • Reduced Bolt Force
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Reduced Sound Signature
  • Increased Air Efficiency
  • Frame With Extended Reach and revised Grip Geometry
  • Deftek Breech System (DBS)
  • Onboard Spare Detents
  • Hoseless Air Transfer System
  • Low Profile POPS Assembly
  • Two-Piece Toolless Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips
  • Push-Button Console And Magnifying Display Lens
  • Low Profile Feed Neck With Locking Sprocket Wheel
  • Lock N' Load Battery Holder
  • 2 X AA Battery Operation
  • Toolless Battery Replacement
  • SL5 Inline Regulator In Grip Frame
  • Ultra Low Power SMC Pilot Valve
  • User-Serviceable Solenoid Assembly
  • Micro USB Programming Port
  • E-Portal and E-Portal Lite App Compatible

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