Paintball Tanks

HPA Paintball Tanks

Picking the correct paintball tank is an important part of making sure your paintball marker works and shoots it’s best. You have a few options when preparing for a session. Below, we have listed out your options to make sure you pick the paintball tank that best suits your paintball gun and game play.

HK Army Aerolite Tanks

HK Army Aerolite Tank

Compressed Air Paintball Tanks

The compressed air paintball tank, or HPA tank is most commonly seen at the paintball field nowadays. These high pressure air systems used to be not as popular due to their expensive price tag; but now, you can find a reasonably priced compressed air paintball tank, in almost any size to fit your playing needs. Although they are more expensive than a CO2 paintball air tank, they are better for your paintball marker, giving you a more consistent air flow and shot than CO2.

There are two types of compressed air paintball tanks. The Aluminum HPA Paintball Tank and the Carbon Fiber Compressed Paintball Air Tank. Aluminum paintball tanks are the heavier model of the two and won’t hold as much air as a carbon fiber compressed tank.

A compressed paintball air tank is both lighter and holds more air than an aluminum tank, therefore, making them more expensive. Both types of tanks are great investments to add to your paintball gear and are a must have for any serious paintball player.

Ninja 68/4500 SL2 Paintball Tanks

Ninja 68/4500 Tanks

Ninja 77/4500 SL2 Paintball Tanks

Ninja 77/4500 Tanks


12 Gram Paintball Tank Cartridges

These paintball style tanks are primarily used for pump players and paintball pump guns and pistols. You can expect to get around 25 shots out of each disposable 12 gram paintball cartridge.

These paintball cartridges are mostly used with paintball pistols since they don’t come with the normal stock thread adapter for a CO2 paintball tank. They can also work with airsoft guns. Look through our variety of 12 gram paintball tank cartridges and be ready for your next day at the paintball field.

12g Cartridge

CO2 Paintball Tank

A CO2 paintball tank is the most inexpensive way to get air to your paintball gun to allow it to fire. They used to be the most popular tanks to use for your paintball marker, but as years passed, and as technology has gotten better, they have become more of a beginner paintball gun option.

CO2 paintball tanks are slowly but surely becoming less popular. Even so, the models are still an inexpensive way to air up your paintball marker.

We carry brands including HK Army and JT. Decide if you want aluminum for a lighter weight structure. This allows for easier portability, and may come with brass pins to increase the reliability.

CO2 Paintball Tanks

Upgrade Your Air Tanks With TradeMyGun

TradeMyGun is ready to equip you with the proper paintball tanks for a fun session. When you are preparing for another paintball excursion, knowing which type of tank to get can improve your performance. It also helps when you need to purchase paintball air tanks again and make a decision about switching models or choosing a new one.

Reach out to us today to get started or to ask our representatives for further information. TradeMyGun is ready to provide advice on the tanks that are best suited for your paintball experience. From Ninja Paintball options to HK Army, you can find the ideal brand.