Paintball Tech Tools

Browse through our many brands and options in paintball gun upgrades to enhance not only your paintball marker, but ultimately your playing experience. Not all paintball guns accept upgrades, so make sure your paintball marker will work with the paintball gun upgrade you are interested in.

- Here are some of the most common paintball gun upgrades -

Paintball Boards

A paintball upgrade board is always a solid option when looking to upgrade your paintball marker. A upgrade board allows the electronics of your paintball gun to changed at the click of a button. Upgrade boards offer you multiple firing modes and settings to get your paintball gun shooting just how you want it. An upgraded paintball board is normally one of the first upgrades people look at when deciding to enhance their paintball marker.

Paintball Bolts

A upgraded bolt usually has better seals and air porting that allows a quieter shot for your paintball marker. Your paintball gun will get better air efficiency too, giving you more shots per tank fill. A upgraded paintball bolt also equally distributes air through your breech which results in better accuracy. These bolt upgrade advantages alone are worth every penny!

Paintball Eyes

A set of upgraded paintball eyes will help detect dirt in your breech. If your breech or eyes are dirty, you won't get a "clean" shot and may break paint in your paintball gun, which only creates problems. A set of break beam laser eyes are a great paintball gun upgrade.

Paintball Feed Necks

If your paintball loader isn't secure when you play, your loader is likely to move around, or worse, fall off in the middle of a game. Making sure you have a feed neck that firmly secures your hopper to your paintball marker is vital. If this is something you have had happen or want to avoid, look into a upgraded paintball feed neck today.

Paintball Grips

Upgrading your grips on your paintball marker used to be a lot more common before companies began to make paintball grips that were comfortable and durable. Nowadays, paintball grips are upgraded for the looks or design.

Paintball Regulators

Making sure your paintball gun is getting the proper regulated air pressure is crucial to shooting well. If your current paintball regulator isn't giving you a consistent shot, it may be time for an upgraded regulator. A upgraded regulator will give your paintball marker a more consistent output or air which results in a more accurate shooting paintball gun.

Paintball Triggers

A upgraded paintball trigger is usually one of the first upgrades people get for their paintball marker. If you're not comfortable with the trigger you currently have; or your current paintball trigger isn't getting the job done; it may be a good idea to invest in a upgraded trigger. Upgraded paintball triggers range anywhere from $20-$50 depending on the make and model. Browse through our wide selection of paintball triggers and pick one today!

Other Paintball Marker Upgrades

The upgrades listed above are some of the most common or popular upgrades. Aside from these paintball upgrades you will find others for your paintball gun as well. These upgrades are normally more gun specific than universal parts. Be sure to check out all of the paintball gun upgrades that your current gun has to offer.