CO2 Paintball Tanks

CO2 Paintball Tanks

CO2 tanks are used for powering paintball guns, airsoft guns and even soda machines.  They are a cost effective way to operate paintball and airsoft guns.  The cost of a co2 paintball tank, compared to a high pressure air tank, is up to 90% less expensive for the tank.  Because of this low cost to entry, you can buy several CO2 tanks, have them all filled, and play for hours without having to refill the co2 tank.  

CO2 tanks come in a variety of sizes that are described by either ounces or grams.  You would normally want to buy a refillable co2 tank.  Re-fillable co2 tanks are sold in ounces.  If you want to buy a pre-filled co2 tank just remember that when the co2 is empty, you have to throw away that tank. Disposable co2 tanks are sold by grams.

How do I know if I have a CO2 Tank or a High Pressure Air Tank ? 

The best way to tell what type of tank you have is to see if it has a gauge on the "regulator" or "valve".  Tanks that have a pressure gauge are always HPA paintball tanks.  Tanks that have no gauge are always CO2 paintball tanks.

What Sizes do Refillable CO2 Paintball Tanks come in ?

9oz CO2 Tanks

12oz CO2 Tanks

20oz CO2 Tanks

24oz CO2 Tanks - Paintball players will get around 1200 shots fired from their paintball gun using a 24oz Tank.

Soda Machine Refill Tanks - Re-Fillable CO2 Tanks and the Adapter to Make it Fit your Sodastream or Soda Machine


What Sizes do pre-filled disposable CO2 paintball tanks come in?

12 Gram - The 12g pre-filled co2 tank is generally used to power paintball and airsoft pistols.  The Tippmann TiPX paintball gun is a great example for paintball use.  

88 or 90 Gram - The 90g pre-filled co2 tank can be used with any paintball gun that uses CO2.  However, you need to make sure you purchase an adapter so the 90gram tank will fit on the paintball guns air source adapter.  Click HERE for the 90 Gram Paintball Tank Adapter!