Paintball Guns

Paintball Guns

Selecting the right paintball gun for you or your team requires good thought, and experience with different models. You want one that can handle the type of session, and your preferred caliber.

Guns From Entry Level To Advanced Paintball

Browse our selection of different paintball brands, from Planet Eclipse to Empire Paintball. Our goal is to ensure that you have enough choices to make an informed decision. We carry the original Original Empire AXE Paintball Gun Marker. It had the brand’s on/off regulator, and a lightweight aluminum barrel. You’ll always hit your target.

The new Planet Eclipse Etha Emek Mg100 Emf100 Paintball Gun is also ready for firing. It uses the Magfed, or magazine fed format, for accuracy.

Tippman is one such brand that we carry. The Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Gun Marker uses a traditional loader and pneumatics for the marker. It is designed for customizations and accessories, to help the individual paintball player’s performance.

Factors That Affect Your Paintball Gun Purchase

Gun Performance

Paintball guns can either be low-end, medium-range, or high performance. Guns in the first two can retail for less than a hundred dollars, and they have a consistent firing rate during a session. If you plan to have longer sessions and want an upgraded model, the high-performance guns can cost between two and three hundred dollars.

Type Of Paintball Marker

Paintball marketers can either be mechanical, electro-mechanical, or electro-pneumatic. Electronic markers cost more than their mechanical counterparts, using batteries and circuit boards for energy. They are faster and quieter. The pneumatic versions use air pressure to shoot paintballs. Mechanical markers run on no electricity, and they are reliable despite their slow speed.


Depending on the model and design, price tags have a wide range within the industry. The price can increase drastically if you want to buy an entire set of equipment, rather than a simple rifle or pistol.


Cost Of Repairs

Some paintball models have higher repair costs than others. This may happen when you have to buy expensive parts, or hire specialists to install the appropriate replacements. Paintball players will have to decide what to do if their weapon of choice breaks. Always read the manual and necessary, available specifications before making a purchase. The information can save on time and frustration.

Preference For New Or Used?

You can buy refurbished paintball guns and equipment. This will save on initial purchasing costs, and give you access to potential models that are rare or discontinued by the parent company. Before making this purchase, check to see if the parts are still available for repairs or if updated components can fit into your make.

Ammunition And Type Of Paintball Session

Not all paintball ammunition is created the same. Nor are the type of sessions that people will play. Woodsball is a scenario game, where players would prefer a rifle model that comes in duller colors. Speedball favors pistols, and shinier choices. If you want to use a paintball for both, have a stock that can attack to your gun for sessions.

Find High-Quality Paintball Guns And Equipment At TradeMyGun

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