Paintball Barrels and Accessories

The paintball barrel is one of the most popular and most important upgrades you can get for you paintball marker. Everything from the length, to the bore size comes into play when choosing the correct paintball barrel for your style of play and your paintball gun. There are many companies that produce aftermarket paintball barrels. Be sure to research all the different options there are before making a final choice.

- Some commonly asked questions about paintball barrels -

"What is bore size?"

This is the measurement taken of the inner diameter of the barrel, this measurement is used to fit the size of your paint to the size of you paintball barrel as closely as possible. This allows less air to flow around the paintball when its fired, this results in a straighter, and more accurate shot. There are many bore size options you can choose from; the most popular being .689.

"What length should I get?"

The most common mistake people make when choosing a length for their paintball barrel is the length... The longer it is, the straighter the paintballs will fly, right? Not necessarily. You can find a variety of paintball barrel lengths from 10-20 inches. The most common and popular is the 14inch barrel. This has been tested and proved to be the optimum length barrel for your paintball marker. Anything over 14 inches, you will find that the accuracy will diminish slightly; while anything under 14 inches, the consistency and accuracy will fluctuate more.

"Whats the difference between 1 and 2 piece barrels?"

One piece barrels are a solid construction, from back to front. Meaning you can interchange the pieces of the paintball barrel. A two piece barrel allows you to swap barrel backs and barrel fronts to achieve multiple options of length and bore sizes without having to buy a entirely new paintball barrel.

- Paintball Barrel Manufacturers and Accessories -

32 Degrees

One of the oldest paintball barrel companies out there today. Although they aren't as popular as they used to be, they still make a solid and affordable paintball barrel.

Paintball Squeegees

A paintball squeegee is essential to carry with you on the paintball field to keep your barrel cleaned and shooting straight. There are a couple options to consider when it comes to paintball squeegees. You can choose from a straight shot, which is made of rubber and pulls through your barrel to clean it. A paintball swab is a popular choice among paintball players; a swab has a fuzzy end which allows you to clean your paintball barrel as well, leaving no unwanted dirt or grime left behind.

Paintball Barrel Adapters

This is a great addition to a barrel that you don't want to get rid of or use on a different gun with a different type of paintball barrel threading. If you have a "autococker" threaded barrel and want to put it on a "Spyder" paintball gun; a paintball barrel adapter will do the trick.

Paintball Barrel Case

Do you have multiple paintball barrels rolling around in your gear bag getting scratched or damaging your other paintball equipment? Maybe its time to look into a paintball barrel case. A barrel case ensure a safe and secure place for your barrels while they aren't being used; it also makes it convenient and easy to find you paintball barrels when its time to use them.

Paintball Barrel Socks

This is arguably the most important paintball safety item there is for your paintball marker. This protects you and others from accidentally being shot while your goggles are off. All fields require them, so it never hurts to have more than one in your paintball gear bag in case you lose one, or accidentally misfire into it and dirty it! Don't be "that guy" and forget a paintball barrel sock!

BT Paintball Barrels

Primarily a scenario paintball brand, you can find many options to upgrade your scenario paintball marker with a BT barrel. With a wide variety of sizes and lengths, you will be ready for your next paintball battle.

Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrels

Lighter than titanium and stronger than aluminum, a carbon fiber paintball barrel is about as good as it gets. This allows your paintball marker to be lighter, without sacrificing accuracy. This paintball barrel is a great upgrade, but be prepared to spend a little extra!

Custom Products (CP) Paintball Barrels

Custom Products offers a wide variety of paintball barrels for all types of paintball markers. Choose from numerous paintball barrel lengths and sizes. Not to mention colors, in both dust and gloss finishes. Custom Products also has both one and two piece barrels to pick from. You're guaranteed to find what your looking for with Custom Products.

Dye Paintball Barrels

Dye never disappoints, they have proved they know what they are doing with their wide array of paintball products. The Dye paintball barrel line lives up to every standard that Dye has. Having a Dye paintball barrel is one of the best upgrades for your paintball gun. With many options in size, color, and material, you'll be more than happy with your decision to shoot one of the best paintball barrels in the game.

Empire Paintball Barrels

Empire Paintball barrels have always been known as a tournament paintball barrel, until the release of the apex barrel. This paintball barrel is targeted for the scenario player that is looking for more than one way to shoot the opponent. The Apex paintball barrel comes equipped with a rubber paddle inside the front of the barrel tip, which allows for front, back, up and down adjustments to create curve
around corners along with creating more backspin to allow the paintball to travel through the air longer. While the Apex paintball barrel is a popular name for Empire now, don't forget to check out the "super freak" tournament style barrel kits.

Freak (Smart Parts) Paintball Barrels

Freak paintball barrel kits, formally known as smart parts barrel kits have been a dominating barrel in paintball for a long time. With many options in barrel fronts, barrel backs and barrel inserts; it's hard to go wrong with a Freak paintball barrel or barrel kit.

GOG (Smart Parts) Paintball Barrels

GOG paintball barrel kits, formally known as smart parts barrel kits have been a dominating barrel in paintball for a long time. With many options in barrel fronts, barrel backs and barrel inserts; it's hard to go wrong with a Freak paintball barrel or barrel kit.

Inception Design Paintball Barrels

Looking for something thats different from the paintball barrel all of your friends have? Check out a Inception Design paintball barrel, with unique barrel tips to barrel backs, these paintball barrels are using the latest technology to give you a great and competitive product!

Invert Paintball Barrels

Invert paintball is the sister company to Empire paintball; so you know your getting a good product with Invert. This is a great option to consider if you don't want to "break the bank", but still get a great paintball barrel upgrade for your paintball marker.

J&J Performance Paintball Barrels

Built for both the tournament and scenario paintball player, J&J performance paintball barrels are a solid option for any paintball gun. Made in many styles and lengths, you are sure to be satisfied with J&J. Be sure to check out the ceramic paintball barrel that J&J has to offer, it's like nothing else on the paintball market!

JT Paintball Barrels

If you are an intermediate or beginner paintball player and are looking for your first big paintball marker upgrade, a JT paintball barrel is something to look into. Affordable and well made, need we say more?

Kingman Paintball Barrels

Great for the beginner paintball player and beginner paintball marker. A kingman paintball barrel is affordable and still gives you the performance upgrade you wanted.

Lapco Paintball Barrels

Lapco paintball barrels have been in business for more than 25 years; so they know a thing or two about making an amazing paintball product. Lapco has a wide variety of paintball barrels and barrel pieces for you to choose from to create the perfect setup for your paintball marker.

Macdev Paintball Barrels

In need of a top of the line paintball barrel kit? Look no further, a Macdev "shift" kit may be just what you're looking for. The kit includes a total of six pieces, a back, a front and six paintball barrel inserts to fit more than just one size paintball.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Barrels

Planet Eclipse paintball markers are some of the best in paintball, the barrels are just the same. Built with great quality, a shaft paintball barrel is something to seriously consider for the competitive paintball player. With many color choices, you shouldn't have an issue finding the perfect barrel for your paintball gun.

Proto Paintball Barrels

This barrel is a intermediate or beginner players dream barrel. Made with the same care and precision as a Dye paintball barrel; a Proto paintball barrel is a great a addition to your paintball marker without the hefty price tag like a Dye barrel.

Paintball Shrouds

Calling all scenario paintball players! Are you wanting to add a unique milsim look to your paintball marker? Make sure you look into a paintball shroud to instantly give your paintball gun extra flare you've been looking for!

Smart Parts (GOG) Paintball Barrels

Freak paintball barrel kits, formally known as smart parts barrel kits have been a dominating barrel in paintball for a long time. With many options in barrel fronts, barrel backs and barrel inserts; it's hard to go wrong with a Freak paintball barrel or barrel kit.

Stiffi Paintball Barrels

Stiffi has spent the last 25 years perfecting the carbon fiber barrel. Using military grade carbon fiber, you can guarantee a "built to last" product. Pick from a stiffi paintball barrel tip or a one piece complete paintball barrel.

TechT Paintball Barrels

Searching for a bore size or maybe multiple bore sizes to match your paintballs perfectly to your paintball barrel? TechT has a many options when it comes to bore sizes. The "iFit boring kits" come in five, six and nine piece kits to give you many options in paintball bore sizes. TechT also offers a well made barrel adapter for your paintball marker.

Tippmann Paintball Barrels

The perfect upgrade for your scenario paintball gun. With 15 years of experience in paintball products, you can be sure to find a solid paintball barrel with Tippmann. From the classic sniper barrel to the popular flatline barrel; Tippmann paintball barrels have many options for you to choose from to ensure your satisfaction on and off the paintball field.

Valken Paintball Barrels

Valken paintball barrels are always at the top of the list of intermediate to beginner upgrades. Get the performance and craftsmanship of a high end barrel with Valken. Buy an extra bag of paintballs and put it through your new barrel with the money you'll save by choosing a Valken paintball barrel.