TradeMyGun Versus Series Videos

Welcome to TradeMyGun's Versus's Series!

Every day at TMG we get the opportunity to evaluate hundreds of paintball guns each month.  Daily we unbox used paintball guns that get traded in towards other guns and gear.  You might think of us as a Auto Dealer, we assign a trade in credit value to your existing gun and then applying that credit to your new purchase.  Trademygun spends countless hours researching the used paintball gun market to ensure we are on top of how much your paintball gun is worth.  We have the only Paintball Gun and Gear Trade In Calculator that will tell you what your gun is worth based on the make, model and condition of your paintball gun.  We are the original paintball company with a trade in program founded in 2005.  

Over the past 17 years we have shot nearly every paintball gun ever made.  We get to shoot the newest release in the paintball world and sometimes it feels like we travel back in time when an older marker shows up on a trade in order.  This massive rotation of paintball guns put's our company in a unique position to produce video's that compare paintball gun models that have evolved over the course of the years.  

2023 is the year that TradeMyGun will produce paintball gun shooting video's with the goal of providing paintball players with a single place to SEE every paintball gun ever made. We will produce weekly video's and encourage you to leave a comment with what you would like to see next.  We'll take viewer comments into consideration, along with our available inventory, in planning our next video. 

 TMG Presents: Versus Series Episode 1: LV1 vs LV1.5 vs LV1.6 vs LV2 

In this episode of The Versus Series, we compare the sound signature of the LV2 against its predecessors: the LV1, LV1.5, and the LV1.6!