DOA MINI Pirate Blunderbuss Dragon Spring Pump Airsoft Gun Pistol Shotgun 13"

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This Blunderbuss Pirate spring airsoft pistol is the best on the market for the price. The powerful 150 feet per second makes this a powerful choice for close range play. The perfect airsoft pistol for your collection! This pistol is spring powered, so it is more durable and reliable than fully automatic electric guns, and that also means you don't have to worry about running out of batteries or air/gas in the middle of shooting.

Note: BB's are not included. This airsoft gun used standard 6mm airsoft bb's. Any weight bb will work, .12 gram is typical for this gun but .20 gram will also work.

Mode of Operation: Spring Powered (No Expensive Batteries or Gas required)
Velocity: 150 FPS Using .12g BBs
Top Load BB's - Push the Top Site Towards the Barrel and Bulk Load BB's into the Opening
Length: 13 Inches
Semi-Auto : Simply Cock the Front Grip (see picture) and Pull Trigger to Shoot
Made of Durable ABS Composite Material
Uses Standard 6mm Airsoft BB's - Not Included