Posted by Mike Schlemmer on Oct 7th 2022

What are the Best Paintball Guns?

The Planet Eclipse Ego was born in 2004 with the first model released as the 2005

Ego paintball gun. In 2005 the paintball industry was aggressively redesigning their markers trying to create a light weight, air efficient and accurate marker. The birth of the Ego platform gave Planet Eclipse a huge leg up versus the competition.

The Ego design was 50% lighter than other stacked tube markers and turned into the best pop-it style marker of all time. The planet eclipse ego became known for it’s reliability, air efficiency, and distinct very loud sound signature.

Planet Eclipse subsequently made design changes from 2005 to 2011 trying to perfect the Ego with a quieter and softer shot. This led to the release of 7 Ego models that included the 2006 Ego, 2007 Ego, 2008 Ego, 2009 Ego, 2010 Ego and 2011 Ego. This entire line of Ego’s solidified Planet Eclipse as having the finest shooting stacked tube design in the entire world.

But customers wanted more. The Ego product line was poised for a major platform change or risk losing its position as the most iconic and enduring marker ever made. Planet Eclipse knew something major had to change. They took 2 years to revamp the Ego platform, focusing on maintaining the features loved by players shooting stacked tube markers while fixing the one undesirable Ego attribute. The sound level of the Ego had to be addressed, the Ego was simply too loud!

Subsequently an even quieter Ego was developed, and the LV Ego platform was launched in 2013, introducing the Planet Eclipse LV1 Ego. The LV Ego model featured a new body design that increased internal volume, generating even lower operating pressure. It also redesigned the valve to a Lever Valve, hence the “LV” Ego. This lever valve allowed the Ego to have a noise signature very similar to a Spool Valve marker. The revolutionary Lever Valve would be the technology that would propel the Planet Eclipse Ego to new levels of success.

The Planet Eclipse LV1 Ego continued to innovate with the introduction of toolless eye covers, creating a serviceable solenoid, and the elimination of the dreaded macro line. It took Planet Eclipse several LV models before it could accomplish these goals. The LV1.1, released in 2015, had a new body with increased internal volume allowing for even lower internal operating pressures. To the un-educated, the only way to discern if the Ego is a LV1 or a LV1.1 is by inspecting the serial number. The serial number on the LV1 is on the very back of the gun under the Rammer Cap. The serial number on the LV1.1 is on the top of the marker behind the Feedneck.

In 2017 Planet Eclipse introduced the LV1.5 Ego. This Ego featured a new barrel system but retained all of the other features of previous LV’s. This marker was made in limited volume and went out of production soon after it’s release. Planet Eclipse took 3 years off until it released the LV1.6 Ego.

In 2020 Planet Eclipse released the LV1.6 Ego. This Ego addressed the #1 issue the manufacturer was seeing with the LV ego’s, it now has a user serviceable solenoid. Planet Eclipse also introduced the 2-piece FL barrel system that was made of lightweight carbon fiber. Other features include electronics package with USB, even lower internal operating pressure, and the optional rammer weights included. However, Planet Eclipse failed to eliminate the transfer pipe.

In 2022 Planet Eclipse released the latest evolution striving to maintain its position as the finest shooting stacked tube marker ever made, the LV2 Ego pushes that concept. The LV2 Ego is testament to the iconic and enduring LV marker platform. The Ego LV2 pushes the limit with reliability, accuracy, air efficiency, sound level, and ergonomics. Two major changes are immediately noticeable: No Transfer Pipe hose-less design and a brand new 3-piece PWR barrel system. The LV2 has become somewhat of a Hybrid between a traditional stacked tube and spool valve technology. Typically you can simply listen to the gun shoot and tell if it’s a stacked tube design, the LV2 has changed everything and continues to push the Ego marker to be the best marker of all time.