The Planet Eclipse LV2: The NEW ERA of the EGO

Posted by Cody Schlemmer on Dec 19th 2022

The Planet Eclipse LV2: The NEW ERA of the EGO

The Planet Eclipse LV2 is the newest, most advanced addition to the EGO line of paintball guns. It boasts a combination of superior performance and reliability that emphasizes user control and customization options, allowing players of all skill levels to precisely tailor their gameplay experience. With its electronically controlled solenoid firing system, multiple firing modes including burst, Capped Spike Ramping and Semi Auto Plus editions, easily adjustable trigger settings and other unique features this gun will redefine modern paintball for years to come. So if you’re looking for an edge on the field or in your tournament play this new era is yours to embrace!

Planet Eclipse's LV2 is the latest addition to its range of paintball markers renowned for their performance, reliability, and all around shot quality. Improving on the LV1 model's design, the LV2 offers an all-new body with increased internal volume and a new Cure FT bolt design. Generating lower operating pressures at about 115 psia and providing a quieter yet softer shot, this marker achieves a level of accuracy and consistency that may be unmatched in the paintball world. Whether you’re an amateur or professional player, LV2 from Planet Eclipse guarantees improved performance every time you shoot.

The LV2 from Planet Eclipse is truly in a league of its own. Its factory-set performance is unparalleled, providing more power and accuracy than anything else on the market right out of the box. But those seeking to customize their marker should look no further than LV2's vast array of adjustable parts, providing unprecedented tunability and control over each aspect of your shooting experience. From dynamic HPR and LPR settings to rammer speed control and optional weights, LV2 has enough options to keep any player satisfied for years - and precisely match their individual needs for optimal performance each time they take to the field.

The LV2 contains all of the features players have come to expect from this revolutionary design, including lightning speed, ultra-durable reliability, and precision accuracy even in extreme conditions. The LV2 iteration involves innovative additions to a trusted formula, such as adjustable trigger options, enhanced ergonomics, and superior airflow for a greater range of shot speeds. With so many enhancements, the LV2 is sure to inspire another generation of dedicated Egomaniacs.