Posted by Mike Schlemmer on Oct 14th 2022

How much is a Paintball Gun?

The value of a paintball gun depends on many factors including the condition,brand, model and features of the marker. When determining the value of a paintball gun you should first determine what style of paintball you will be playing. Two styles of paintball play include Recreational and Tournament Paintball.

The value of a paintball gun that is designed for the recreational player will be cheaper than a gun designed for tournament player. Recreational paintball players will generally play once a month where a tournament player will play every weekend. Therefore, the recreational player will not use the gun as often as the tournament player resulting in a lower cost design compared to that of a tournament gun.

The cheapest paintball gun will be a marker that is designed for the Recreational Player. Recreational type paintball guns can then be compared based on the make, model and features of the gun. These guns start at under $100 and can go up to several hundred dollars. Tippmann Paintball produces some of the best recreational paintball guns on the market. They also produce “off-brands” like Spyder Paintball Guns and JT Paintball Guns.

Examples of high quality Tippmann Paintball Guns that cost under $200 include the Cronus Basic, Cronus Tactical and Model 98 paintball markers. The guns are very reliable, semi-automatic and do not take batteries. We would highly recommend any Tippmann paintball gun for a player wanting to get into this sport no a low budget.

Paintball gun values tend to increase for markers designed for the Tournament Paintball Player. The reason is due to making sure the paintball gun can handle the harsh paintball field playing conditions, and tournament rules that require special features that are designed into these guns. The typical paintball player will shoot over 4,000 paintballs during a single tournament. This hi-usage requires that the gun be reliable enough to withstand tens of thousands of rounds over the course of the markers life.

There are 3 price point levels, Low Mid and High, for tournament style paintball guns. Low end markers sell for $300-$500. Mid-Level paintball guns sell for $700-1000 while Hi-end tournament style paintball guns sell for over $1,000, sometimes reaching $3,000.

Low level paintball gun examples include: Empire Mini GS, Empire AXE 2.0, Planet Eclipse Etha and Dye CZR paintball guns. These guns sell for $275-$550 depending on the gun. These guns have everything needed to be Tournament Legal but do not give the player any extras that you can get with more expensive guns.

Mid-level paintball gun examples include: Planet Eclipse GTEK, Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R, Smart Parts Amp Shocker, Dye DSR and DSR+ and the MacDev XDR to name a few. Average prices for these paintball guns will cost a paintball player $800. The range of prices for this type of marker is $700-$1000. These guns will perform nearly as well as the high end guns but may lack a little bit in air efficiency and accuracy.

Hi-End level paintball guns are the cream of the crop. They are designed to be super lite weight, air efficient, tool-less, ball on ball accuracy and loaded with every possible mode of operation you can think of. Players generally start off with a lower level gun and then trade their paintball gun towards a better gun. Average prices for this style gun is $1,600. Examples include: Planet eclipse LV2, Planet Eclipse CS2, Dye Paintball M3+ and the DLX Luxe TM40. Older paintball gun models include: Planet Eclipse GEO 3, Planet Eclipse GEO 3.5, Planet Eclipse GEO CS1, Dye M2, Planet Eclipse LV1 and DLX Luxe X.