300FPS 30" Pump Shotgun Rifle High Power Airsoft 6mm Gun + 6mm BBs - Chrome

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Introducing the 300FPS 30" Pump Shotgun Rifle Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm Gun + 6mm BBs - Chrome. With an amazing power behind it, this spring powered airsoft shotgun shoots at a velocity of 300 FPS with .12g bbs. No batteries or gas is required and each shot requires one 6mm airsoft bullet; simply pump and shoot! It has a length of 29.7 inches long and comes with a sample packet of 6mm .12g bbs; all packaged in a retail box for you to start using right away. Easy to use, this spring powered airsoft gun is perfect for all your recreational needs. Enjoy the feeling of intense excitement while using the 30" Pump Shotgun today!