*260 FPS* DARK OPS Z21 PACKAGE - Airsoft Sniper Rilfes Guns w/ BBs *DUAL SETUP*

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The Dark Ops Airsoft Z21 PACKAGE has been designed with the beginner players in mind. The perfect fit for this package will be someone who is looking to get into sniping but might not have ever done so before. This airsoft gun shoots at a MEDIUM VELOCITY of 260 Feet Per Second. This velocity is great for 1st time players, younger players, players that aren't sure about the sport yet, etc. The Z1 Package Airsoft Sniper Rifle comes standard with a BLUE LIGHT, 150 round magazine, bipod, 9" Target, and 1000 Airsoft BBs. Everything you need to get started. The top of the airsoft rifle does feature a rail mounting system, so a scope can be mounted if you want to add it on.


  • 260+ FPS w/ .12g BBS
  • Comes with blue flashlight,
  • 1.65 lbs gun net weight
  • 36.2 overall length
  • 6" Bi-Pod
  • High-Cap Mag holds 150 rounds
IN EACH BOX (You will receive 2 full setups)
  • M82 Spring Airsoft Rifle
  • Blue Flashlight
  • Bi-Pod
  • Sample Pack of 10-25 low quality bbs from manufacturer - PLEASE NOTE: WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING THESE. This is why we provide 1000 count HIGH QUALITY bbs with your package!!! Use ours instead!!
  • (20) 9" x 9 3/4" Zombie Paper Targets
  • (4) 1,000 Bag Dark Ops Airsoft BBs

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