Virtue VIO Contour II Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask with Dual Pane Lens - Red Fire

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The VIO Contour II brings high end comfort with professional contoured face protection. In addition to proven features, such as a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens and innovative versatile design, the Contour II now features Bright Lens Technology, improved comfort and stability thanks to a 3D Foam Molded Pro Pad, and softer translucent facemask technology. 3D FOAM MOLDED PRO PAD Wear for Hours - No Discomfort Fits More Securely - Easier Strap Adjustment w/ Headgear Added Head Protection - Protects the Back of your Skull The Pro Pad on the Contour II protects the back of your head with lightweight, breathable padding; and most importantly keeps your goggle comfortably secure. By increasing the area of contact, the Pro Pad reduces pressure on both your head and eyes, while holding more securely in place whether or not you use other headgear. NEW PERFORMANCE EARPADS Increased Acoustics / Softer Flex Comfort The new VIO II Earpads are also 3D Molded using an upgraded, stronger foam, that allows them to be lighter, and more flexible. Less bulk and more flexibility results in a stronger earpad that's not only more comfortable, but offers better sound performance as well. ENHANCED LENS TECHNOLOGY Bright Mirror Lens / Massive Visibility Improvement Zero Color Distortion Fog-Free Thermal Pane / 100% UV Protection LARGER STRAP W/ UPGRADED ADJUSTERS More Comfort / More Secure Better Style We've upgraded every aspect of the strap, right down to the adjusters, which make adjustments not only easy, but they stay secure as the strap locks strongly into place without shifting. Of course, the look of the strap has been enhanced with full sublimation, integrated woven label and a silicone badge. GOGGLES BUILT TO WIN SEE MORE / Large Field of View BETTER COMFORT / 3D Molded Pro Pad BREATHE EASIER / Ventilated Airflow HEAR CLEARER / No Echo Ear Pads SPEAK LOUDER / Direct Mouth Vents MORE SECURE / Enlarged Goggle Strap