Super Lite InterChange SL2 Paintball Barrel Tip - Red

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Introducing the all new Super Lite InterChange Barrel Tip! The Tip measures in at Inches and weighs less than 2 ounces!! The barrel tip is precision machined from high grade aircraft aluminum and makes a 14 inch long barrel when combined with one of our SL2 backs OR any Shaft3 back. We have tested the barrels and adjusted the porting design to ensure proper gas venting (both CO2, N2 and HPA) so the ball propels further and straighter to help make those all important kills. Each item comes packaged in individual tubes to protect your investment. For an added bonus, our SL2 tips and backs are Interchangeable with the Shaft3 barrel backs and tips. The Shaft3 barrel comes stock with Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns: Etek 2, Etek 3, EGO 7, EGO 8, EGO 9 and EGO 10.