SP Shocker AMP Electronic Paintball Guns Marker - Dust Black

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The launch of the Smart Parts SP Shocker changed the paintball industry forever. Finally we have an option to own a top level tournament grade marker for a mid-level price. The shocker release sparked an industry wide race by competitors to create a marker at a similar price point.

SP raises the bar with the release of the Electronic SP AMP Shocker! The redesigned bolt system improves on the XLS Shocker by increasing efficiency by 20% while maintaining the quite sound signature. The operating pressure for the AMP Shocker was lowered to an astonishing 110psi – this allows the player to shoot more brittle paint with less breaks. The Electronics are specifically designed in a modular package to allow for fast conversion between Electronic and Mechanical firing mode operation. The ultra slim body design and lite-weight design will not disappoint, the continued development by the experienced Smart Parts Team will ensure you are playing with the latest technology incorporated in this amazon SP AMP Package!


  • Improved Efficiency - The redesigned Bolt Results in 20% Gain in Efficiency Compared to the XLS Shocker
  • Minimal Bolt Pressure - The 110psi Operating Pressure gives you No Breaks in Cold Conditions and Brittle Paint
  • Bolt Twist-Lock - A Single Twist will Depressurize Your Marker for Quick Pit Cleaning - Tool Free Design
  • 2-Piece Board Design - Specifically Updated to Allow for Fast Change Between Electronic and Mechanical Modes
  • Updated Frame - This Combined with the Board Re-Design Allows for Super Fast Frame Removal
  • Solenoid Valve Re-Design - Quickly - NO TOOLS - Remove the Amp Solenoid Valve for Cleaning
  • All Condition Water Proof - Regardless of Weather Conditions - Stay in the Game During Rain, Snow or Shine
  • Ball to Ball Velocity Consistency - Re-designed QEV Integrated into the Bolt for Improved Cycle Consistency
  • Includes: Electronic Marker (Mechanical Frame Sold Separate), AMP Gun Case, Tool Kit, Parts Kit, Lube and Manual