SANTA’S SLAY – Find Our Santa in our Used Gun and Used Gear sections

During these dates, you should look for our SANTA Image on TMG selected used paintball products. When you find this Santa, keep an eye on the price, every hour on the hour we will make a LARGE PRICE DROP. The price will keep dropping until 4pm EST or until someone buys the SANTA item.


Dates for SANTAS SLAY:


11/25 (Black Friday): 1pm-4pm EST


11/28 (Cyber Monday) and 11/30: 1pm-4pm EST


12/6 and 12/7: 1pm-4pm EST


12/13 and 12/14: 1pm-4pm EST


12/20 and 12/21: 1pm-4pm EST


During the dates and times listed, visit our used guns and used gear categories and FIND OUR SANTA.


How Do I Find a SANTA Sale Price Drop Item? Trademygun will have all price drop items in 2 categories: Pre-Owned Markers and Used Paintball Gear.


I Found a SANTA Image, How Often will TMG Drop the Price? At 1pm EST we will make our first price drop. We will make additional drops at 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, and 3:30pm. At 4pm the price will change back to the original sell price IF no one buys the item.