Shocker AMP

From a player’s point of view, here’s a great review of the all-new AMP Shocker Paintball Gun Marker. We believe that word of mouth for our brands is a great way to find cutting-edge equipment.

Review Of The Shocker AMP

Updated. Refreshed. New? Yes. Improved? Yes. Being a big fan of the RSX, would it be hard to get me excited for a new Shocker? There was enough done to do just that. First off the new case is really nice, this was a big improvement. Digging the new Allen wrench set.

Shocker Paintball did a really good job to make enough improved changes to make a new marker. To me it feels more comfortable with the added room between the front grip and trigger guard, and the new asa. The power on/off button was improved and that was noticeable. There’s a few more details worth mentioning but I’ll wait.

Shot Quality

Smooth and quiet, no surprise there. I’ve had some Shockers that were not as smooth as others, but this one out of the box was one of the best, if not the best. Versus an RSX, I’d say with confidence that the difference is noticeable.

Did it break paint? Same paint used, tank and hopper for all three guns as well; it passed with flying colors.


Thoughts And Opinions

-The Shocker had the smoothest shot. In order of smoothest- XLS, DSR, 160R.

-The DSRs overall fit and finish seems the best.

-The 160R feels the most solid and substantial.

-The Shockers grip placement feels proper, the spacing. If they incorporated some newer details in the next release, IMO they would win more categories. Namely, a smoothly integrated asa, better rubber material, and maybe integrate the front grip cover to seamlessly integrate with the body.

-The DSRs rubber grip material is IMO where it’s at currently.


The 160Rs Trigger feels fine, but in comparison the other two start to feel like they get a lead. The 160R has tension toward the end of the pull. The DSR feels good, light, and responsive, and its shape helps I think. One finger trigger pull on the DSR feels the best. The XLS Trigger feels just like the RSX, it’s maybe ever so slightly behind the DSRs Trigger, maybe? Maybe it’s the shape, I’d like to see how a blade trigger on the XLS could help in that area.

Shocker XLS Paintball Gun – Shooting Test

I’m very familiar with the Shocker RSX, so I can see and appreciate the improvements on the XLS version. In the pits it feels more comfortable in the hands, the shot quality when chrono-ing in is nice, but in game it’s going to be hard to see and feel the difference between the RSX and XLS. It handles and shoots basically just like an RSX, and I say that in a good way. It’s small but one of the things I liked best was the power on/off button.

Performance wise, it’s right there. Quiet, smooth, efficient enough I’m guessing, points real well. The shot trajectory is a little flatter when shooting.


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