DSR Dye Paintball Gun

DSR Dye Paintball Gun

From a Players Point of view, here's a great review of the all new Dye DSR Paintball Gun Marker. Thanks to Noa Michael for testing our guns!

This little guy... I like to call it the Jet Fighter. It's compact, light, easily maneuverable, comfortable in hand, and fast... so far. I need a day of play to know more. Styling and design is smooth, simple, straightforward, and practical. You can see how the designers had the players in mind when coming up with this. I can see myself playing a full day in the woods, and the next time be right at home on the airball field. This marker I think has that crossover appeal, and I’m sure ability.

Shot Quality. It's got a nice pop to it. My first couple shots and I thought it was pleasant. That sounds funny typing it, but the first time you shoot a marker, you don't know what to expect. It is on par with the rest of todays markers as far as shot quality goes, but it also seems to be a subject close to many a players heart, so I'll do my best to cover this. When everything shoots nice or at least decent, a good number of us start gravitating towards one style or impression. It has slight feedback, slight barrel rise, little rearward kick, it's fast and responsive, unlike a longer drawn out action such as the Luxe. Some have compared it to the shot of an Insight, but smoother, and that sounds accurate. I hope that satisfies most till one can actually try it.

Did it break paint? I had three different types of paint, used the stock barrel, and it passed with flying colors.

I’m pouring most of my attention on the DSR right now. It is brand new, the one I'm most unfamiliar with, and so far really it's interesting.


Paintball Marker
The DSR was very popular today. I had pro players coming up and asking what it was, and several more lower divisional players asking what it was. ( Hey, doesn't everyone read PB Nation?! ). The DSR made several rounds amongst my teammates, so much that I only got a couple rotations with it ( 4 points ). The points I did get to use it, wow, super fun to use, love the shot trajectory ( seems like it lobs a little ), love the shot signature- it's smooth and is not noticeable during gameplay. Points easy and well, I did not have to correct my aim as much, and with a new marker that is a really good sign. And it's very quiet... I can shoot and talk over it, I can hear my teammates and they can hear me. Clutch!