Lot of 10 Detents Planet Eclipse Paintball Ego and Etek Detent Parts Kit

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Original Planet Eclipse replacement detents for your Etek or Ego (2006-2011 only). This pack of 10 detents is a must have in your gear bag. The detents keep the paintball in place and prevents it from rolling out the barrel prior to pulling the trigger. The detent can be replaced by removing the Eye Covers on your marker.
  • Original Planet Eclipse Detent parts kit
  • Includes 10 detents
  • Will Only Fit the Ego 6, Ego 7, Ego 8, 9, 10, 11 and ETek markers
  • Does NOT Fit the 05 Ego
The Eclipse Ego / ETek Detent Parts Kit includes 10 detents that fit all Ego and ETek markers except for the Ego 05.**This does not fit the Ego 05 marker!