Lancer Tactical Smart Charger NiMH Airsoft Battery packs - 8.4V - 9.6V Batteries

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An absolute must for any airsoft AEG batteries, RC, or other electric products. Automatic cut-off when charger detects maximum voltage charge

  • Trickle Charging Current: 50 ma +/- 20ma
  • Charging Current: 1000 ma +/- 50ma
  • Rated Input Current: .5 Amp
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (Fits standard US wall socket)
  • Included both Large and Mini Type Tamiya Connector
  • Perfect for charging RC Cars, RC airplanes and Airsoft Battery Packs
  • Battery Packs for Charging Include: 8.4v and 9.6 Volts (with 1100-4500mAh capacity)
  • For Battery Packs with 7-10 Cells
  • Compact and easy to use functionality
  • Maximum Output Power: 15 Watts
  • Charger automatically detects bad battery and indicates a malfunction
  • LED Light on charger turns Green when battery is fully charged
  • Included Instruction Manual