Super Lite InterChange SL2 Paintball Barrel Back - Autococker Thread - 0.692

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Introducing the all new Super Lite InterChange Barrel Back! The SL2 Back weighs in at 2 ounces and is precision machined from high grade aircraft aluminum. Each barrel back has the bore size machined into the barrel to make for easy selection of "ball to barrel" sizing. We have tested the barrels and adjusted the porting design to ensure proper gas venting (both CO2, N2 and HPA) so the ball propels further and straighter to help make those all important kills. Each back and tip comes packaged in individual tubes to protect your investment. For an added bonus, the SL2 TIPS AND SL2 BACKS are INTERCHANGEABLE with the SHAFT3 barrel backs and tips (and they interchange with other SL2 backs and tips). The Shaft3 Barrel comes stock with Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns: Etek 2, Etek 3, EGO 7, EGO 8, EGO 9, and EGO 10.

Available Backs To Chose From:

  1. .681" Bore Black Dust Back
  2. .684" Bore Black Dust Back
  3. .687" Bore Black Dust Back
  4. .689" Bore Black Dust Back
  5. .692" Bore Black Dust Back

Barrel Thread: This barrel has a Autococker Thread (Select the Type of Gun You Have If you Aren't Sure)

Paintball Guns that this Barrel Kit will fit: Empire Axe, Invert Mini, Dye Matrix NT's, Dye Matrix DM's, Proto Matrix Rails, Proto Matrix PM's, Planet Eclipse Etek's, Planet Eclipse Etha's, Planet Eclipse Ego's, Planet Eclipse GEO's, DP G3-G5's, DP FX's, Bob Long G6R's, Bob Long Victory, Bob Long VCOM, Bob Long Timmy and any other paintball gun that uses a Autococker thread. Contact us if you are unsure.